Kern River fishing?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by landtuna, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. landtuna

    Can any body give me tips on what tackle to use at kern river (lures and bait) im going there for bachelor party this weekend. We are planning on fishing all day friday and sat. Im not sure what camp sight we are staying at but probably somewhere near town cause they said we are going out to dinner one night any advice would be greatly appreciated because i mostly fish saltwater.
  2. MikeeDaGuy

    I have only fish up @ Lake Isabella but never the river but.... I have a buddy the fishes up there and he has told me in the past anything white, lures grubs etc, there are a few tackle shops on the way out there, keep yer eyes peeled and stop in. Ask a few questions and see about the results..... post yer pics and report.... lookin forward to it.
  3. MM2

    there is a great bait shop in the town above isabella, they will hook you up good luck. MM2/Charlie
  4. fishdontcare

  5. slim3

    Use a #14 salmon egg hook(snell)with a small swivel just above that use a bb size split shot,try using 2 split shots because the flows are pretty good now,samon eggs are the ticket.My bud and i were up there last weekend and caught 15-20 fish a day,all released.Camp james up through rivernook campground,good luck and post when you get back.
  6. pitted25

    i like using small shiney spinners and work the river up and down the river.