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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by monkatom, May 4, 2007.

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  1. monkatom

    I am planning on purchasing a kegerator and surprisingly Costco has a pretty good deal on one. I researched some old threads and Costcos price in store is even better than the beverage factory. My two questions would be is the 5 pound co2 cylinder ok or should I upgrade. I am not even sure if a bigger unit means just less filling or what. Second question would be any ideas of good places to purchase 1/4 kegs as I want the beer to stay pretty fresh. I was thinking I would try a couple local places like stone, karls, and oggis but not sure if they do 1/4 kegs. Thanks for any assistance.
  2. bburrito

    Call Beverage Factory up and ask if they have any damaged units they want to get rid of. I was searching on Ebay for a wine cooler and picked up a 52 bottle unit from BF for about 50% off with only a broken plastic piece off the bottom.

    With the CO2 tanks, yeah it is just a matter of how often you have to refill the tank. 5lbs will last you for a few kegs. Most of the brewers should be able to get you a small keg. Also contact Beverages and More ( they have a lot of stuff you can order with just a few days advance notice, including small kegs, but if you have a local shop it is definitely worth building a relationship with your local shop.

    Have fun!
  3. speedgoat

    Give Ballast Point a call. The're local and they should be able to fill your canisters. They make the best beer in San Diego IMHO; Yellow Tail Ale? Big Eye IPA? Dorado Double IPA? I drink them all on a regular basis. They have 2 facilities, one in Scripps and one in Linda Vista near USD.
  4. sandiegofisherm

    5 # co2 should be plenty should last 2-3 kegs
  5. Papa "J"

    I have a 5 lb bottle and we are up to our 5th or 6th keg. Will probably have it refilled after the party tonight.
  6. Barbarosa

    The five pounder with half-kegs should last quite a while--I'd guess at least ten. Make sure you get the aluminum CO2 bottle--a little bit more $$ but no rust stains.

    Start homebrewing, then you'll always have great beer:beerbang: .
  7. Papa "J"

    Half keg is 15.5 gallons, then there's a pony keg, then 5 gallons. For 1/2 kegs 5lb bottle would last 5-6 1/2 kegs max.
  8. Orca

    A keg is 15.5 gals which is a 1/2 barrel. Pony is 1/2 keg.
  9. sasman

    Pm me if you want me to put in touch with the head guys at Stone Brewing they will definately hook you up. My brother and I put their custom draft system in. The keger will work fine price is good also. Make sure the choke, which is the line fron the keg to the faucet is 36 inches for optimum head on the beer. Let me know what beer you get for the corrcet pressure and to see if you should get G gass which is a blend of co2 and nitrogen to make sure your beer is the best it can be. Three different mixes for the diferent beers other that pilsner or wheat in which co2 will work fine. Any questions put em up. :beerbang:
  10. monkatom

    Thanks for all the responses and help. Hopefully I should have one within the week.
  11. dru

    Most importantly, I really can't figure out why no one has offered this valuable piece of advice, is that you must immediately throw a BD keg party and test all mechanisms. Saturday, around noon works for me. Address?

  12. nalani

    i bought a kegerator from costco about 3 years ago. when i purchased mine there was a $50 off coupon in the mailer they send out. in regards to the co2 bottle that comes with the kegerator, it should last at least 5-6 kegs. i am not sure if you can get a larger one as it fits in the upper left corner on a little shelf. i get my kegs from albertsons, but i usually get bud light (wife is from hawaii) and they have always had a keg when i needed one.