Keeping Lobsters alive??

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by WellFairFisher, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. WellFairFisher

    How do you guy's keep the bugs alive till the next day to deliver them???

    I used to keep them in the livewell or put them in some water in the cooler till the next day but the water and bugs get all slimy and they shit all over themselves......Handing family members a bug with chips of shit all over it is embarrasing and nasty......

    This year i've been putting them on ice but the ones on the bottom die (or freez to death) and most don't live till the next evening......

    A couple years ago I was putting them in the "crisper" in the fridge but they slime it up pretty bad and cleaning it was too much work.....

    I used to break the tails until I found out how much meat was being wasted in the body......

    Was thinking about setting up a head pump or aerator in a cooler in the garage but am not sure if it will work......From what I understand they need a "chiller" to keep the water cold enough to stay alive in a tank.......Any suggestions?????
  2. Bottom Line

    I either put them in the sink in the garage or a 5 gallon bucket - either way works great, just don't put them in water! They will live just fine for at least a day completely out of water. I used to just leave them in the EMPTY bait tank but once the colder weather got here they were dead by the time I got up. They are plenty frisky in a bucket in the garage after 8 hours...
  3. fishhawk

    I use an ice chest with a damp rag or kelp( use only salt water ) one or two days they should be ok
  4. Ali Admin

    garage sink.

    They're fine for 24 hours easy.
  5. Afry

    Why do I have a hard time believing any lobster will be left uneaten in your house for 24 hours?
  6. WellFairFisher

    Alright.....I don't have a garage sink so I guess i'll try leaving them in an open cooler in the garage dry and see what happens.....
  7. zarco

    i just stick `em on the patio in a 10 gallon tupperware box. good until the next night easy. bet they would go another 24 hrs. but they don`t last long enough in my house.....:cheers:
  8. jscrib

    I use a big cooler. Get a bag of ice and put it a thrash bag to keep it from leaking to much. Put the bad in the cooler on one side and the bugs on the other. They stay alive and kicking for a couple of days.

  9. ZZZZZ

    :720icon: :food-smil Nothing like the crisp taste of Rocky Mountain :D

    Good idea.
  10. Mo Betta

    Depending on how many we get, we will just tail them. I dont just grab and twist though.

    Grab the bug by the head with one hand, curl the tail under with the other hand and bend it back. Have some one you trust LOL take a knife and slide it along the inside of the head, all the way around. You should have just a empty head when your done. You know the old antennae up the bug butt trick right?
  11. WellFairFisher

    I use the cornhole antenna trick but never heard of the knife in the head scalping trick......Do you keep/cook the brains and everything or cut away the tasty headmeat and toss the rest in the can when your cleanin them?????
  12. Mo Betta

    I dont eat the brains, liver or that nasty white sperm sack LOL. I just toss it. I will on the larger units, take that nugget of meat at the base of the antennae and the larger legs.

    BTW if you do this under running water, that blue jello blood just washes right down the drain.
  13. Ali Admin

    Caution on the blood goo!

    Marcus told me that sheet dried up in his pipes like sludge and he had to take the sink appart.

    That is some nasty shit!
  14. Saluki

    I remove the tail on the driveway with the water running so the blood runs down the gutter.

    I put my bugs in a cooler without a lid so they do not sufficate.
    I also throw a couple of hand towels that were soaked on the water with saltwater to keep them moist. Do not use fresh water, do not have water in the cooler and do not close the lid, keep them in a cool place such as a garage. They will be fine for at least 24 hours..... unless your wife is like mine and gives them to all her fucking relatives..... but that's a whole new rant on thread!!! :shake:
  15. magroin69

    I had to ask an expert on this one, the girlfriend. (Certified Personnel Chef) Anyway just throw them into the fridge wrapped in newspaper. Make sure the inner wrap of the paper is damp than the outside layers dry. She does it when she gets her lobster for dinner parties. She said they go into a dormant stage.
  16. WellFairFisher

    Well.....Don't have a garage sink or enough room in the fridge for them so I tried the open cooler with a wet towel over them in the kitchen.
    The damn cats wouldn't leave em alone and my chick dosen't like the sound of em scratching the cooler and trying to kick out while she's watchin tv so I tried the bag of ice in the trash bag and closed it up.....

    They're all alive now at 6p.m. the next day and are off to get delivered......Thanks for the help :lux:
  17. Ali Admin

    That's a nice fucking bug warren.

    Nice work.
  18. Blackfish

    cooler with just a towel soaked in saltwater....toss in a few ice packs to keep them cold
  19. ahidog

    Let me get this right you have to catch them, keep them alive, and deliver them. Call me I'll come pick them up.
  20. WellFairFisher

    Thanks Ali......Its crazy how many bigger models have been coming up this year.....

    HaHa....Was pretty poor this X-mas.....These are my late gifts to family and friends that got me shit........looks like your in SD but if your close cruise by and i'll give you a couple, I live by Knotts in O.C.......Warren