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Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by makohunterz, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. makohunterz

    Brand: Pelican
    Model: Castaway 116 DLX
    Condition: excellet very few minor scratches on the bottom from the one time i used it
    Comes with: paddle, life jacket, bait tank, and numerous rod straps

    Best way to get in contact with me is via txt my number is 1 951 500 6631

    Thank you for looking at my ad
  2. makohunterz

    Price drop 300
  3. makohunterz

  4. makohunterz

  5. makohunterz

  6. FisherSteve

    Can a stabalizer be mounted to it? We have really rough water around here.
  7. BurningHeart

    I appreciate your politeness :hali_olutta:
  8. makohunterz

    I figure if you spent the time looking at the ad i may as well thank you, and thanks for the bump its still available and im not sure if you could mount a stabilizer on it sorry
  9. makohunterz

    buyers flaked still for sale bumpity bump bump
  10. makohunterz

    SOLD!!! admins please close thread and thank you to all that looked at it