Karen Lynn Giant BFT Video !

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Fishing Reports' started by Karen Lynn, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Karen Lynn

    Here is some nice footage of a 95" roughly 500+lbs giant we caught this year in early August up north. Hoping to get out this week once or twice for that last final shot.
    Good Luck to all! Thanks


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  2. SteveD

    nice job....next time I'd like to catch one, not go bowling
  3. Mo

    All I can say is WOW..!
  4. Bayside

    What is 1/3 of that fish equal in $. Just wondering?
  5. Aquasport_20

    So they never pull the rod from holder and just turn the handle on the reel as the boat does the work? Is that what I was seeing? Seems odd to fight em' like that.......
  6. Karen Lynn

    That is correct leave the rod in the swivel base rod holder using the boat to stay on top of the fish. The boat helps sometimes more or less you are trying to stay on top of the fish. You are using your left hand for leverage on the line and reeling on each pull of the line. Not as easy as it looks. That is the method used when fishing for Giant Blue fin tuna. Your other option is stand up which takes great technique and courage to stand up to a Giant which is very doable. Thanks
    Capt Collin
  7. Nic D

    Great Job Collin

    Id like to see WahooDad vs. giant bluefin
  8. Bendo28

    The boys out here on the WC just don't understand. They still laugh at east coasters for using spinning reels!
  9. sdfishkiller

    I like you guys.

    Tuna 'n' Beer! :hali_olutta:
  10. Ibseeker

    I don't think too many of us are laughing anymore, some of us never did. The report from the Capt. of the RP on the Thai fishermen killing the YFT with spinners was an eye opener.
  11. R.I. Popper

    Nice Fish Capt.
  12. VaRandy

    Just to clarify, anyone that has to use their non reeling hand to gain line to be cranked on the reel has an insufficient ratio for such a large fish. That is why there is a REAL need for two speed offshore reels.
  13. Bendo28

    Penn has two speed 130 Internationals, but when the fish are that big it doesn't matter, you can't gain on them, thus pulling down the line and reeling at the same time, trust me. For all the guys wondering about leaving the rod in the holders, the thing you have to understand is that the 130 setups are huge and not suited too well for the stand up game. The other thing that most people don't understand is that 70% of the guys out east catching the giants are commercial fisherman who depend on the fishery for money. There is usually a crew of two (sometimes one if you're hard core) guys, one to run the boat, one on the rod. With the rod in the gunnel, once the fish comes to the boat somebody puts a harpoon in its ass and the other guy gets a tail rope on it, which is hard to do if you are strapped to a chair or in a harness.

    I don't know if anybody will ever see this since its such a late post but for a good read about a standup battle check this out. News - The Hook Up!