K&M San Quintin,winter Tails!....still on the chew

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by captainkelly, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. captainkelly

    Great weather for first of a 3 day trip for Duane Diego and freinds.
    Water was 61 and yellows were taking iron! reds and lings too.
    Still lots of yellowtail around.

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  2. el capo

    Nice fish Duane,Ceez is gay,you should not stand too close to him.
  3. Jaydog

    Wow you got some big balls letting that mischievous group on your boat. Really though how pumped are you for the swell this weekend? Some spots down there should be mental.
  4. SeaDawg

    You guys are living right :beerbang:
  5. captainkelly

    You shoulda came Bro....Fun!
  6. captainkelly

    We,re fishing tomorrow and sun,but mon its on. Those guys are BBQing as we speak over at Old Mill. (Ceez slept half the day!)
  7. nick17yz

    nice lingasaurus. good job on the jellows!!!!!!!!
  8. seasonsfishing

    shit.... i am now seriously fucking SAD! i stay home to get the sled ready for the upcoming season and i miss out on what seems to be a trip to remember!!!

    congrats getting them boys on fish , i am guessing they are in about 20 beers as we speak!
  9. captainkelly

    Duane was into the black chickens(tecates) before we made the first stop!
  10. seasonsfishing

    That a boy , getting the job done!
  11. Oingo

    DUUUDES!!!!!! One HELL of a yellow and a FREAKIN HUGE ling!!!! Awesome!!!!
  12. sharkhunter0220

    Pretty fish guys congrats on the carnage and.......wait no goat Kelly?
  13. spike

    Nice fishing kids, great conditions, keep putting a hurting on the Beers.
  14. Ali Admin

    Who's the midget?
  15. rza007

    Nice shot on that ling. Looks sick all flared out
  16. sdangler

    Man he makes those fish look big. Holla!
  17. captainkelly

    mini me
  18. ramiro

    sick trip again kelly. Thanks for running the show!
  19. duanediego

    great times kelly, thanks again! hope you & the boys scored some nice waves today!
  20. BajaMarita

    Kelly way to go!!!!!! Nice pics and great looking fish.