JX 4.6.1 how much line does it pull per crank?

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by Frisco Kid, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Frisco Kid

    JX 4.6.1 how much line does it pull per crank?

    Thanks for help

    Frisco Kid
  2. mike garrahan

    I have an LX 4.6. It is the same as the JX only the spool is wider. With a full spool the LX brings in approx. 36 inches of line per crank. Your JX should be about the same.
  3. finadict

    yep, the LX and JX models are exactly the same diameter, and about 36" sounds about right for the 4.6 with a full spool. I need to measure all of the spool diameters and calculate out a chart in inches per crank for the various models and retrieve ratios (if it hasnt been done already). Of course the actual length per crank will vary by how much line is actually on the spool, full being approx 1/8 from the edge of the spool.
    The formula to figure it out on your own:

    Line retrieve for a full spool( line filled to 1/8" from spool edge)
    Dia of spool minus .250", divided by 2, multiplied by 3.14, multiplied by gear ratio, = in. per crank.

    Example: 2.5" spool 6:1 retrieve:
    2.5 - .250 = 2.25......working diameter of spool
    2.25 div. by 2 = 1.125 X 3.14 = 3.53....circumference of line on spool
    3.53 X 6 (gear ratio) = 21.18 in. per crank
  4. padrefigure

    Actually, that is not correct. The circumference of a circle is pi X diameter. To get to line pick up, multiply that by gear ratio. So in the example given, the pick-up will be 2.25 X 3.14 X 6 = 42.39
  5. finadict

    Duh..I guess that what old age + spoiled by years of CAD and CNC doing calculations for me = forgetting basic math skills :imdumb: Yes thats correct..its diameter X Pi, not radius X Pi

    I have all of the spool diameters and retrieves for all of the Avets and will create a new post and title with the in. per cranks and see if the powers that be will make it a sticky.
  6. divegod1

    I guess just winding one turn and measuring would be too tough.