Just Another Day in The Life of a Meth-head

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by blackvelvet, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. blackvelvet

    Warning: what you are about to read may make you puke, so turn off your ability to visualize prior to reading...............

    Wife comes home from work (our bar) a few nights ago and asks me how long we've had the bar.

    Hmmmm,....my reply: 17 years and counting

    She says, in that 17 years she figures we've pretty much seen it all........Nope, think again.

    Fuckin' tweeked out woman (probably around 30, but looked 60) came thru the front door, looked around and left.

    About 15 minutes later the same tweeker bitch came thru the front door with nothing on but an open front sweater with no buttons and a tiny patch, home-made g-string....She appearantly stripped off her clothes a block away right in the middle of a sidestreet.

    The tiny patch covering her twa was kinda flapping and not really covering much, and her little titties were flapping around in the open as well.

    Thing is she acted as if everything was normal, even sat at a table with a few customers and kicked her feet up on a chair exposing herself even more......and she still had no clue where she was or that she was sitting in public with pretty much nothing on......and of course she was having a converstation with an imaginary person

    Talking to her got nowhere fast, as her reply my wife trying to make her leave was......"Whatever Trevor".

    Excuse me maam, you need to leave........."whatever Trevor"

    Excuse me maam, that's not your drink...."whatever Trevor"

    Excuse me maam, your tits are hanging out......."whatever Trevor"

    Excuse me maam, your twa is flapping in the breeze......"whatever Trevor"

    When the cops showed up she got all excited and said..........."gotta go, the ambulance is here to pick me up".....Sorry, no ambulance, just cops. My guess is they usually call for an ambulance so the back seat of the cop car don't get ruined.

    The chair she vacated was immediatly douched with gallons of bleach, ammonia, pine sol, and a weed burner for good measure.

    Just another day in the life of a nasty tweeker.:shithappens:
  2. BugeaterInWa

    Yikes is all I got for this...
  3. t_dub

    another example of Darwin doing his best to try and thin the herd. sorry about the chair. i'd just burn it.
  4. Elkfins

    Pics or it didn't....

    Oh never mind, no one wants to see that shit. I believe you Ted.
  5. @-EZ

    I do! :D
  6. Swede

    Maybe you should invest in a GoPro and create: The Meth-head Diaries, by Ted. Sounds like quality entertainment to add to the La Push bill to me.
  7. Odin7

    That is why it is so hard to keep them from stealing our stuff. We can't imagine what they are thinking.

    Carl Spackler was committed to protecting the golf course from a gopher and said that "in order to conquer him I have to think like an animal and whenever possible to look like one. Ive got to get inside this dudes pelt and crawl around for a few days."

    I don't think anyone of us wants to crawl around inside that pelt.
  8. Stryker20

    Ted told me that he got a permissable close-up inspection and said she was shaved...........
  9. North River

    Reminds me of the crazy bitch that walked into our hotel room in Westport last summer.
  10. Genie Aye

    I think RTB will need that chair out in LP for the show:rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Otherwise---that crap is just WRONG!!!
  11. WEDOCQ

    It's scary how quickly this shit happens to a normal person who decides to "try" meth. I had a fishing buddy who's wife went from a normal person, with a normal job, house, kids, etc, to a messed up meth addict that cleared out their bank account in a matter of weeks. That quick. We had known them for years and never saw it coming.
  12. blackvelvet

    We have many video cameras all recording.......and sadly there was a camera right on her.

    Trust me, it ain't worth watching.
  13. Hannibal

    Ha Ha holy SHIT!!! Disgusting but funny for this side of the computer.
  14. blackvelvet

    Holy Crap Pual. I just looked up "Trevor" in the urban dictionary and it only has one interpretation...........

    ..........Charlie..........It's all starting to make sense now.:evilimu::rofl:
  15. Team Sency

    Ted...I'm sure the rest know of it here, but where is your bar and name of it? That place loaded with great fishing pictures and stories? I suppose as great as it is to have your own business, that you do have to put up with a ton of not so great like this sad person.
  16. Saluki

    Just reading that gave me a boner.
  17. BugeaterInWa

  18. Simon Bon Bowery

    Should have asked if she had any kickers for sale..
  19. KimH

    Yup....He's from California he is
  20. Fish Slapper

    You know what they say...if you have seen 1 naked woman you just have to see the rest!...where is this bar at?...lol

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