June 4 Cabo full moon

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Stevenliu, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Stevenliu

    Can anyone help me with this question. Does it make sense to fish on June 4th when it is a full moon at Cabo? I cannot move my date so I wanted so expert opinions?

  2. yellowklr

    Yes fish it anyway.....Ive had LOTS of good days on the full
  3. MinnesotaPhats

    If that's your only shot, go for it! yellowklr said it best.
  4. jasonjagg

    I would say it depends on what your going for. I have fished for the bills on a full moon for nada. Many tailing and none taking. On my last trip I fished the full moon again (not by choice) and we boated a handfull of yellow fin, amberjack, sierra and a dorado. My next outing in a couple weeks will again be on a full moon and ill post up a report then but I would not let it slow ya down. Get out on the water and have some fun.
  5. saravonshep

    I was fishing loreto for a couple of days on a full moon and did not get 1 fish in the boat, dorado anyways. I did manage to get in a wide open sculpin bite. We were staying at the oasis and their panga fleet were not doing so good either.
  6. Hector1

    I always try to time my trips between the last and first quarters of the moon when targeting striped marlin but if you talk to the captains in Cabo, most will say the moon makes no difference - the fish are either feeding or they're not. And they should know! To be honest that is pretty much what I've experienced too but I just try to hedge my bets when I'm travelling a long way.
    If I only had the full moon to fish, I'd still be out there without a doubt!
    Actually I fished the full moon on January 9th this year on the Guerita II and we found some very hungry marlin - cast two baits to 3 tailers and hooked 2 up straight away - so there you go!
    Good luck.