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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fly Fishing' started by Rippin Lips, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Rippin Lips

    Hey fellas, I'm new to the fly and wanted to get started in the surf. Started getting some gear together and need some advice on line, leader and tippets.....

    So far what I got together is this...
    Rod: TFO Pro 7wt 4pc
    Reel: Teton Tioga Magnum #8 W/wide arbor.

    was told the best bet for me would be A type 6 shooting head with an Intermediate running line, And to make the tippet myself, The problem is not understanding the different types of line due to so many companies having proprietary weight schemes so I am having a hell of a time finding line.

    Can anyone tell me what I am looking for and where to get it(Right down to the exact name of the line)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Rippin Lips

    wow, no help on this end huh?
  3. Hi Lang no help here huh???

    I will help you stick to your kayak and surf fishing. Leave the trout hugging to the other guys. I bet you dont need another hobie that makes you spend alot of money on gas not to catch anything.LOL
  4. nmkrbk

    Lang, Rio Outbound for a 7 weight, type 6 head and you are set with a primo outfit. That rod is a rocket. Try Gary Bulls's web site or Fliflicker wesite for extensive info and great pictures. Not only will they help you out info wise they will meet up with you and show you the ropes. Fanatatic group of positive (non-snobs) serious anglers.

  5. blowboater

    Good links - thanks for the hook up!
  6. Rippin Lips

    No Dave, I probably dont, but I have been wanting to learn for sometime now and I am finally going for it......I just found property right next to lake hodges so i'll be able to be there everyday after gettin a new 5wt setup.

    nmkrbk, thanks for the reply bro, this thread sat here for a while with no response, understandable that people don't just come to this section often so I appreciate it.