"Journeyman" Off Shore below Colnett Limits of YFT & handfull of tails 7.28,29.2011

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by harryo, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. harryo

    Just got back from 2 days of fishin on Robert Pedigo's Yacht, "Journeyman". First day 11 yellows & a yellowfin tuna & second day Limits of yft & one yellowtail. Find the right group of porpoise & you will get a lot of yft. All of the yft were caught on one porpoise school & all on rapalas & cedar plugs. They were bait shy. All of the yellows were caught on kelp paddies. Nice to have the mammals to yourselves.


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  2. Tues

    Sweet, all the way around!
  3. JWALK

    Excellent job! Having the mammals to yourself is always a blast. BTW, beautiful boat.
  4. spize909

    nice........is that yellowtail as big as it looks? Looks like a pig!

    Very Nice
  6. I'M OFF

    That's the good life!
    nice fish too
  7. backslash

    That yellow looks like a 40+
  8. Bank Robber

    Wow! Awesome trip. Thanks for the report Harry!
  9. HBfisherman

    That yellow looks like a hog!

    That last picture of the boat looks bad ass.
  10. Ali Admin

    You guys are hot.

    Congrats on another great trip.
  11. tshaw

    What a beautiful way to live your life man! Great job!:hali_olutta:
  12. BornFisher

    What a great report! There is hope after all! Congrats!!
  13. chris fishes

    nice fishing platform... yellowtail looks like a pig....
  14. seriola_killer

    Especially that guy who looks like the guy from The Hangover in the first picture.:supergay:LOLLOLLOL
  15. FishingDentist

    Great report Harry, congrats on the awesome catch. Awesome boat too!

  16. sea-ya

    Nice report. What area were you in ?
  17. Ib1

    Nice ride! That pic of the transom full of fish is epic.
  18. tightlinemike

    Outstading, Great job, what a blast!

    That looks like one badass ride!!! Nice YT!!!
  20. Captain Curt

    Damn...........now that's a sweet trip. Thanks for sharing Harry.


    The boat Hanna...........