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  1. xcalabers

    Hi, I've recently moved to California and am interested in joining the Oceanside Anglers Club. How can I go about applying? I live in Fallbrook but always fish out of Oceanside as it's the closes launch to my place.
  2. Lucky Dog

    Meeting tonight at 7 pm at the O'side yacht club. check it out.
  3. xcalabers

    Ah bummer, had I read your reply sooner I'd have love to have been there. When's the next one?
  4. JollyMon

    First Tuesday of the month at the Oceanside Harbor Yacht Club 7:00pm
    I live in Fallbrook too ...... where in Fallbrook are you?

    "JollyMon" :cheers:
  5. xcalabers

    Thanks Mon, I'm out of town the first week of next month but will add it to the calander for the following month. I live over by Pala Mesa golf course.
  6. Rickdiculous

    Since the cancellation of the Bloody Decks Tournament I guess I won't be banned for mentioning our tournament this weekend for the anglers with a little competition in them.

    This Saturday and Sunday is the Oceanside Angler Club Two day offshore tournament. You have to be a club member to fish it but its only $40.00 to join, less if you join as a family. We meet first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. Loads of Raffles and good speakers. The tourney is inexpensive and the club throws in $250 into the pot. I think the entry is $25 per angler and a separate boat side pot for $25.00. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) If you have any interest you can sign up and join anytime before Friday at 7 pm at Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. We are in the process of getting a new website so our current one shows old info. But the rules and dates are correct. Oceanside Anglers Club

    See you on the water.
  7. Stanley

    $10 per angler plus $25 side pool (per boat) and a $10 side for Lady Anglers.

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