Jap bike vs. USA bike

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Chesapeakechuck, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. Chesapeakechuck

    My harley breaks down more than my last girlfriend who was a certifiable kook. How can the Japaneese make a bike that will run for twenty-five years with little or not maintenance problems, yet my bike, much of which is new and shiny out of the friggin factory, is a union-made piece of crap. I'm damned near ready to uninvest in the thing and buy something more reliable......ugh. :mad:
  2. byeye

    My harley breaks down more than my last girlfriend who was a certifiable kook.

    Yeah, how is he doing these days?

    I just gotta ask you: Have you ever purchased anything in you life that you are happy with? Not all Harley's are crap that is for sure. Alot of my friends have them and some break down more then others. I think you have bad luck when it comes to buying anything. :D
  3. FishBert

    I have made three trips to STURGIS on mine, and several other trips to LV, Laughlin and Phoenix.. without any problems (other then TIRES !)

    Maybe you are just not cut out to have MECHINAL things....
  4. Annieo

    Go English...I did. Never been in the shop except for regular service. Weeee..........


  5. Ali Admin

    If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna give you headaches....

    (or a prop)

  6. YO HO ONO

    What ya got? new fangled fuel injection twin cam 88?? Roadking 95" whats wrong with it???
  7. MikeyLikesIt

    I feel for ya chuckie. I want (ed) a Harley reeeel bad. There is no technology in them. Other than the "status" of owning a harley, there isnt much appeal in them to me. I want something I can just take out and ride, not have to work on.

    So, it's either gonna be a BMW or the Honda VTX for me........

    (OK guys, get in line and take a # to start the flaming.......) :)
  8. Jason Admin

    A buddy of mine had a 2002 sportster that he drove off the lot. It broke down on the freeway to his house. Back to the shop for 2 weeks then did the same thing again... 8 months of the engine cutting out on the freeway between his house and the harley dealer. He took it back and had all the paperwork from when it had been worked on. They took the bike back and gave him his $. The harley dealer said it was something faulty with the carb.
  9. how2fish

    That is some funny shit!
  10. byeye

    A friend of mine has a BMW, and that thing is awesome. Get one Mikey, then you can give me a ride (I ride naked of course)....
  11. hmmmm, us Goldwings cruise 85 all day long - our worst problemo is not going to sleep cause the ride's so smooth and quiet. If you wanna be a bike mechanic when you grow up, you bought the right machine - LOL
  12. MikeyLikesIt

    I'll do it Mike......but you have to ride on the handle bars.
  13. laguna21

    My old Sporster brings back memories. Didn't break very often. but I just used it for crusin' in style.

    bike pic small.jpg
  14. Captain Curt

    Oh, the good ol'days!!!!!!!!!!!


    The boat Hanna
  15. Ali Admin

    Sorry Mikey,

    Mike only rides nutz to butz.

    That's why he doesn't fish with me any more.

    We got strange looks when we pulled up to the bait dock.

  16. byeye

    OK Mikey, backwards on the handle bars it is.. :D :D
  17. Chesapeakechuck

    My work week has been from hell....I was pretty pissed when I posted this, but I didn't mean to off-set workmanship in the USA...I'm a big fan of US built stuff, but I've just had plenty of p roblems with my american things that have motors (evinrude, johnson, Ford, Chevrolet and now Harley)...My old johnson/evinrude beasties from the eighties pretty much were possessed...Half of my total weight allotment in the boat was for booze and fuel, the other half was for tools....enough said about those things.

    I've had numerous ford and chevrolet products, and even one Chrysler-----the Chrysler put me over the edge and now I have a Nissan 4X4 that will probably outlive me....It's put together with super-glue, I think, but it's the most mechanically sound thing I've owned...

    As for the bike, I've put 2K on it (total of 15K on the bike) and it's gone through two stators, two rotors, two regulators---it possesses numerous electrical problems that neither I nor the local unnamed reputable shop have been able to diagnose....The parts and labor on those things that I haven't fixed myself has run me almost 2500 clams-----that's a lot of gas for my Nissan that I'm supposed to be saving by riding this thing....

    Ok, now my endorsement. I LOVE the bike when it runs properly....It's an investment in my sanity...I'm gonna keep it 'cause I'm determined to get the mechanical problems sorted out....What pisses me off is that for another fifteen hundred bucks on top of my current maintenance bills, I could have upgraded the motor to a brand new 88CI fuel-injected engine....This is a 1990 Heritage with the old evolution 1340cc motor...It sounds good, runs ok (it certainly isn't a speed demon, but then again, neither am I) and gets about 35 mpg with hightest go-juice. What set me off the other day is that after more dinero out of my pocket, followed by a fix-it ticket for my turn signal that quit working on me (for the dozenth time), I still can't get a weeks worth of riding without something letting loose. I like my turnsignals to work...driving on the freeway without them is nutz in my opinion (I don't lane split, I run my bike like it was a car).

    I had a turnsignal canceller put on immediately following my getting the bike----may have been a mistake because my lights haven't worked right since then (not withstanding the headlights which work fine)....I hate to keep tearing the thing apart 'cause sooner or later I'm gonna booger up the paint or break something-----and the shop is chargin about an offshore trip an hour to even look at it...

    I just want it to work and be reliable to take farther than the county line.

    I'd give the bike a mechanical grade of 4/10, but the riding quality is definitly a 10 when it's not leaving me along side of the road....(yeah, I have already had a 20 mile hike through the desert to Ocotillo once due to a rotor flying apart)........ugh...

    Ok, rant is offically off..I'm happy again... :)

    Hey, whose been killing my halibut???? I haven't caught much of anything bigger than a sand dab lately?? You clowns whacking them during the week when I'm at work?
  18. Jason Admin

    Haven't touched them.
  19. FishBert

    I never bottom fish,, TOO SLOW

    try sharking if you want some slow fishing,,, lots ot time to drink beer.... but you are always interrupted by the pesky blues.. then there is the 30 minute rush after the first "poke" followed by some flying stunts..
  20. geek

    i have a 97 springer that has 98,000 miles on it. no breakdowns!! still has original clutch.