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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by bassmandan, May 19, 2012.

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  1. bassmandan

    By the title of this post, one might suspect it may contain something of a rasta theme. By that logic you would be correct.

    So I've been working on a bit of stuff lately that I've been keeping under my hat for various reasons, but I can share most of this most recent project.

    Made some custom "trimars" recently, and made up a bunch of this to play around with: aptly named "Humboldt Groovy" it's Madiera 1868, 1781, 1824 and 1800, all spun together with my dremel tool. I found it interesing how it would pattern differently, depending on the diameter of the blank in which it was wrapped, but moreso due to the unevenness of othe twist, every wrap looks different, and I think that is badass!

    The tigers are the base of red/green/yellow with a black/3 sac top....lost a bit of movement by using such a wide top wrap, but it doesn't make the whole wrap as dark.

    The urushi has what I suspect is mother of pearl, or something like it; found a handful of it on the beach a short while back, put it to good use. Tried working the lacquer in a different manner than my "usual" method, a partial success at best, but I didn't have enough m.o.p. to cut it off and do it again, still, good enough for government work!

    Blank is an old Okuma Guide Select 7'11" FW bass swimbait rod that I decided needed a serious facelift. Fuji parts all the way 'round; DPSH, Alconite BMNAG's/BMNAT, should be a fun little shark stick!

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  2. Rodcrafter

    Wild stuff there mon!
  3. Capt. G

    I suspect that is a weapon, not a child.
  4. 1:11

    the urushi section looks pretty neat, good effect. finishing that off with some good looking threadwork would have been a good idea, maybe next time.
  5. bassmandan

    That's the best left-handed compliment I've recieved in a good while.
    Lemme know next time, I'll be sure to build my personal stick the way you want it ;)
  6. Looney Tunes

    Very striking urushi work right there. Bold and bright. I suspect that your perceived lack of M.O.P. would be the last thing on anybody's mind...looks great.
  7. rza007

  8. makohunterz

    awesome rod no questions asked, well maybe a few as to how you did it but
  9. YT Addict

    Wow Dan very creative! Love the abalone work!
  10. stucktip

    JAAaAaAAh! Raaasstafari!
  11. stucktip

  12. Capt. G

  13. FAT CAT

    Well Dan, Here are the boundaries ( ) and here you are ( ) -> "X" Way out of the box creativity. Though most probably won't find it to their taste, I sure do. I'm especially liking the guide wraps and their variations. You going to show us how you twist these threads up with your dremel tool?
  14. 1:11

    Dan, i will say those tiger rasta wraps turned out cool, gives me an idea.

    black top wraps on a rasta tiger base would look great.
  15. bassmandan

    Thanks everybody, just wrapping up whatever drifts thru my brain as of late, and looking for a new full-time residence outside the box ;)

    Bill, I too am fond of the variation of my home-spun trimars. Sometimes they act like a tiger wrap with alot of continuous patterns, and sometimes they just look like a crazy mish-mash of colors, something you really can't get with produced trimar or varigated threads....but if you're actually trying to achieve something specific, I think you'd be up a creek!

    I'll put together a brief pictorial of how I spin up the threads and put it up here.
  16. 1:11

    please do, teach us how to twist three threads, you are such an innovator. :)

    let me guess, a jig or a drill ?? What do i win? :)
  17. Gil Marlin

    I like the free hand look of the guide wraps, very Rasta like...
  18. The Notorious S.U.A.

  19. babachu

    cool -like how you always test things out-who cares what other's think-love it cuz it's different
  20. strizile

    Extra extra Dan

    Sooooo cool