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  1. hatidua

    Anyone else notice the little thing offshore called "Ivo".....which is coincidentally supposed to arrive right about when my flight is supposed to land :imdumb:
  2. jureal

    Oh boy. Another one?
  3. hatidua

    the first six weeks I had my place in Florida was marked by hurricanes Florence and Jeanne....18 days apart and we took direct hits from both. The last time I was in Los Barriles we had hurricane Ignacio as a direct hit. I'm starting to feel like a bit of a hurricane magnet! :1041677399:
  4. bajababy

    I'm sitting here in the lobby of the Palmas De rain or wind...yet.

    They say Ivo may hit Cabo on late Sunday night or Monday AM... The fleet is still in the water and no one seems to worried (no board ups etc.)

    We are leaving in the AM and heading for La Paz just in case...been here 8 days now...

    My report will follow on our return to the states, but real quickly the fishing has been INCREDABLE! more marlin then we want to catch, we limited out on dorado on Tues with none below 35 lbs. 44 lbs was the biggest...dodo, YFT, Strippers, wahoo it's all still here waiting for ya

  5. hatidua

    Thanks Ben,

    I have fingers crossed and bags packed.
  6. Tom49

    We chickened out- The Vanwormer folks were great and we re-schedulled for the end of October-- Good luck, Mark!
    I look forward to a great report!
  7. bajababy


    It's 3pm on 9/21...the storm looks like it's headed further clouds here today and the water is flat calm. they have pulled out a few of the sport fishers today but several boats are still on the water and fishing/catching.
    It appears that this one will miss the Cabo and the East Cape! I just talked with a couple of guys that returned from fishing today with 10 marlin (released) and 4 large dorado! Like I said yesturday the fishing is incredible down here right now...

    Have a save flight if you are still coming down

  8. pargon

    i'm not sure why it didn't come through but eeb.mike with a www up front and a com after the . is the address that i was recommending. i guess when it uploaded it morphed. sorry
  9. jmacallister

  10. johnnylite

  11. hatidua

    Will be there by lunchtime tomorrow - 9/22
  12. loreto boy

    I,m getting on a carnival criuse in S.D. for a 6 day to cabo on sat afternoon. We are supposed to arrive in Cabo on monday morning. All reports are showing the track of ole IVO straight towards baja a bit north of Cabo. Seems to be dying out a bit , but lets seee what damage has been delt to the water surface.Should be an adventure to say the least, see how one of those big monsters handles some weather and seas. So much for sitting poolside and getting drunk in the sun eh? Hope I dont lose my ass in the casino all day and night.

    I'll keep ya posted as the adventure rolls on