Its headed your way boys

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by Blackfish, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Blackfish

  2. Hamachi_Kama

    Not surprised in the slightest. It will be interesting to see where California sportfishing will be in 20 years (if not sooner).
  3. Bigeasy

    Yeah, they are going to close the bay from fishing! Whatever, I'm still fishing it night and day. Nothing will change with me! fukemandfeedingusedoil!
  4. Reuben

    Oh ya, you guys are going to really enjoy this dog and pony show they have ready for you. I can guarantee you guys that its going to be an inside job, and they already know what areas they want to close. No matter who attends the task force meetings, what data is presented, and regardless of your wishes on the fake proposals they present you................they already know what they are going to close down forever. ie whichever areas are best will be taken away. Im sorry guys
  5. jayyyy

    Fishing is getting closed down everywhere, East coast west coast and Mexico. I was watching deadliest catch and there crab fleet went from over a hundred boats down to seven due to Quotas in the last ten years.
  6. wils

    when the SF Bay stripers were designated a natural fish (and everyone hoo-rah'ed it) a few months back, this opened the door per our states' constitution re: no closures in waters with planted/stocked fish. ;)
  7. ebnash

    Fucking Eco Communism...
  8. Saluki

    Dem guys don't like to fish or hunt..........................
  9. bmachale

    Dem guys should be hunt
  10. karlk1125

    Gay boys and dem boys dont like hunting and fishing...coincidence??:supergay::supergay: :gaygroup: :gaygroup:
  11. DaHunterBoot

  12. karlk1125

    Woah if that looks right is the entirety of fisk mill cove closed?? Fuck that thats my go to rock fish area. Maybe we should start fishing Cordell...not like dfg will be sending search parties that way.
    *yup just checked, Fisk Mill Cove is closed*
    Those motherfuckers!
  13. Doda2na

    They are wrecking my plan to open a seal store! Damn them!!!
  14. Bigeasy

    Cordell Banks kicks-out some huge Rocks! You don't have to go to Shelter Cove for that quality of rockfish! Some biguns at Cordell.
  15. karlk1125

    Occupy Cordell Bank 2012!
  16. karlk1125

    Btw...what the fuck does blue on the map mean? Does it mean closed off to fishing completely??
  17. Rodman 28

    Using your example then the closure cannot effect San Francisco bay because the fish & LAME releashes salmon smolts at various locations through-out the bay's waters.....Mark
  18. wils

    populations of salmon were already there. that "stocking" is just supplementing the existing populations.
    Stripers were never on the west coast until the govt introduced them into the SF Bay over 100 years ago so that "stocking" holds a more literal designation. Their later migrations to other locations aren't covered by the "stocking" designation.

    ***My view is from a logical interpretation of the words.
  19. Rodman 28

    Please explain to myself, that if the Fish & Lame takes salmon smolts from as an example the hatchery at Redding then transports those salmon smolts hundreds of miles to the release point at Benica. How can that not be viewed as "stocking/planting"?!.....If the Fish & Lame releases trout that come from the hatchery & release them into a lake or stream...that is called...planting/stocking...Why is there a difference between a lake, stream, bay?! when it comes to the definition?!.....Mark
  20. wils

    first off....I'm speaking to a specific situation in SF Bay, not lakes and streams. This is...was....a situation that could have had some teeth in SF Bay vs not being accepted as an arguement in the other MPAs.

    to your "smolts": supplementing an existing population is, IMO, different than the use of the word "plant" or "stock" in what I am talking about - the introduction of an entirely new specie into the SF Bay.
    Back in 1849 when our state constitution was originally drawn up, I dont think that fish populations were damaged by humans to a point where artificial insemination was required - nor was it even in use as an existing/native resource management tool.