It is white shark time at Catalina

Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by Balluga, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Balluga

    Heads up when you are diving at Catalina...there appears to be at least two or more big ones cruising the inside currently. Sunday, the Sand Dollar was at Blue Cavern Point when a big one showed up and divers started jumping aboard at record speed...George, the captain, came out of the wheelhouse and looked over the side to see a 15-17 footer next to the boat...Last week, the Sun Diver was at Ship Rock when a big one started looking over the divers...also reports of other sightings near various coves...these are the grande size boys, so, stay alert...on the positive side, they don't like scuba tanks and will spit you out...:)
  2. Sofia Rose

    Heard that the scuba tanks makes them fart.
  3. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Yes, Sticks in thier teeth and gives them gas :rofl:
  4. Sofia Rose


  5. Spyder

    "Your gonna need a bigger boat............"

  6. osideloco

    Makes me want to take up diving. That would be some scary stuff seeing one of those beasts cruising above. Anybody have any experiences in the water with one? and lived to tell about it.
  7. fishnRB

    Maybe they will show up at La Jolla soon.
  8. Ready4TheYellow

    I've been in a diving cage with a huge one crashing into it. There was actually footage in Haliewa Hawaii of it. You can see it if you search shark encounters tours on Oahu. The boat owner went and swam in the water with it outside of the cage. I lost my wedding ring in that cage.
  9. Fisha

    better a ring than a finger...or hand....or....
  10. mueller77

    i bet there weren't any fuckin seals around though!
  11. osideloco

    I did the shark cage in Hawaii, fortunately they were just Galapagos sharks.
  12. venture 4th

    Sounds like there might be some seal control over at Cat for a little while. Good news for fishing, not so goood for diving. I'd love to see one (from afar).
  13. mako6924

    I was diving off la jolla about 2 years ago me and a buddie kayak out. jumped in hit the bottom 55 feet looked around and about a 10 foot white cruzed by about 10 feet away. We surfaced and back in the yaks real fast. we did not dive la jolla that day.
    And for those who say mr white should be at la jolla soon. your to late their already thier. Their a few seals floating around off la jolla missing their head.
  14. J Graham

    The Men In The Grey Suits Are Back!
    Cut your Buddy!
  15. Afry

    About 5 years ago a 2 buddies did a shore dive from LJ and had a 10' GW breeze by in about 60' while they were heading out. The worst part was one of the BC's malfunctioned and they had to swim back in on the surface - they said they were pretty rattled.

    Since this thread is already jacked - Ali mentioned the other day that GW's were recently spotted around the Nados - any other intel?
  16. fisherbaby

    YES!! hopefully they eat as many seals as they can stuff themselves with
  17. YANK N CRANK #2

    Any of these sharks similar in size to the big bastards that frequent the Loop??
  18. Balluga

    I had a 15 1/2 footer almost get me at Church Rock while free diving...all that saved my ass was a kelp bed around the followed me up and actually broke the surface and stayed there about 20 seconds...could see his black beady eye looking in the kelp at me from about 8' away...finally, he just drifted down and away with no motion of tail or of my diving partners was killed at Guadalupe Island by a great white..
  19. Saw a dead seal floating on the backside of Catalina on Monday. There was a seagull standing on it a picking at it. It looked like the head was missing too. It smelled like shit, I'm guessing it had been dead for awhile.
  20. pfish

    Dove Catalina for the last two days. No sharks. No WSB or croaking either. I respect and believe the reports. I talked to a fish and game warden over there and he said they have more sightings on the front side as opposed to the back side. Does anybody know of a confirmed fatal shark attack in the last two decades in SoCal? I have personally seen makos on the kelp paddies and pull in as soon as I see them, but I have never heard of anybody being hit by one. I think these big boys are out there to scare but not eat...I hope..