Isla San Marcos Sea Story 09-01-07

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  1. Kidjurel


    Isla San Marcos Sea Story

    Sea Story~

    Aye… she be sliver, A fin of fire…. Like a big dragon… A Serpent from the depths of hell it be.​

    Likely heard commonly during early days of exploring the world’s seas. So the story goes. No story here… look I’m just going to tell a short version, cause it was about 15 minutes elapsed time. In route about to pass the west lighthouse rocks heading back to the dock. And like all the rides back home… I’m always looking for fishy signs. That’s when I saw something…. Two things appeared to be swimming toward the shallows. Was it a diver pulling a float?? Don’t think so, colors were strange, somewhat alien looking shape too.​

    Closer look was in order. That’s when I saw what it was. OAR FISH! Two oar fish just swimming in the shallows, why? What took place in the next 15 minutes, somewhat explained what was happing. One of the oar fish beached it’s self on a tide pool rock and the other swam behind it. This fish… which lives in the Abyss of most oceans and is rarely seen on the surface, most specimens are found washed up on shore after big storms. They must come to the shallows to see the light of the sun maybe the first time… before they succumb. I did try to move one of the fish back out to deeper water, but to no avail. It was somewhat sad watching an episode like that take place and nothing you can do. Then again maybe that is the ultimate plan! We’re not to do anything and let things take their natural course.​

    The Photos pretty much describe the events that took place and here they are.... Enjoy~​

    The mysterious shapes on the surface moving for the shallows of the West Light House point off Isla San Marcos B.S.C. Mexico. I took this photo at 500 meters with a 70mm lenses.
    On closer inspection... it was clear as to what was swimming. Two Oarfish (hard to scale),but they where both over 20 feet in lenght. Largest ones I've seen to date in my waters. (two other encounters in the past 16 years)
    As the journey nears it's end.... a gasp of air and a look at the surface world.
    To our total surprise the oarfish began lifting it's self on to the tidepool rock. Like a Chinese Dragon come to life.
    At this point we too were on the same rock with the boat. I made an effort to push the fish back into water, but to no avail.
    Just has to be the strangest fish ever. Check the blue blotches out... they were flashing on and off like the way a Marlin lights up when it's excited and ready to eat. Simply amazing! However sad that such a beautiful animal should have to succumb.
    This photo helps give some scale to the size of the oarfish (smaller of the two) My son Michael and friend Carlos Garces.
    Micheal and the Dragon.... larger of the two taken from the backside of the rock, fish had died durning the same time the other was beaching it's self.
    aye.... she be a Dragon! (9 meters long. weight?) We too both oarfish back to the dock for photo records and sizing. Here are also two other records of oarfish at Isla San Marcos.​

    Oarfish Regalecus glesne September 1th 2007 Isla San Marcos B.C.S. Mexico
    Oarfish Regalecus glesne December 26th 1993 Isla San Marcos B.C.S. Mexico
    Oarfish Regalecus glesne July 21th 1998 Isla San Marcos B.C.S. Mexico​

    And that's about it for this yarn~ Till the next time...
    Isla San Marcos SportFishing ~Home~

    Holy shit!!!!
  3. captamb1

    How do they taste?
    Great pics thanks
  4. capt josh

    That is one of the most epic photo sequences i've ever seen!!! what a crazy freak of nature...send that in to Doug Olander at Sport Fishing magazine he'll shit....

  5. captaindorado

    That is very very rare ! great going Mike on the pics.
  6. Johnnyfish

    Wow! Great photos.
  7. The Notorious S.U.A

    incredible, you might be the only person who has seen them alive and freeswimming...
  8. pascuale

    Thats so awesome. Everytime I read your posts makes me want to pack my shit and move to Santa Rosalia. Need a beer drinking lazy deckhand? Simply mazing pics Mike, Thanks.
  9. Kidjurel

    LOL funny... I was going to say like Mola LOL there I said it. I would say not good. The flesh.... hell the whole fish is like jello covered in a leather pouch with very soft week bones. Quess it's because it lives in the maximum crush of the Abyss. I'll let someone else taste it and report back to me about it after.
  10. hatidua

    pretty amazing stuff!
  11. Saluki

    Awesome pix, something the Discovery Channel should do a story on.

  12. BornFisher

    AWESOME!! Thanks for that! I was going to reply with something stupid, but that is too special to disrespect!
  13. Tyler T

    Fucking cool. The ocean is an amazing place. Always the chance to see something new.
  14. fishshirts

    This post should be on the Bloody Decks front page!!!Unreal, great pictures.I vote this as the best ever!!!! Right place at the right time, with the right camara and photog!!! Way to go Mike.
  15. FishWiz

    The best photo thread on BD so far... amazing stuff. Thank you.
  16. capt josh

    No kidding this is what BD is all about...i've looked at this 5 or 6 times...Mike i emailed Doug on your behalf this has GOT to go in the magazines...good pub for you and your deal too...

    This has to be the first time anyone has documented this....very very cool...
  17. Mono Malo

    So, so cool that you were there for that and you had the presence to take and send us the pictures. That is special.
  18. Captain Jeff Illingworth

    WOW! Sad they had to beach themselves but your really lucky to be a part of seeing something like that........ I'm sure that's rare.

  19. ?? fisherman

  20. Ali Admin

    Amazing Mike!

    I would have to guess you are one of a VERY limited few to see one alive.

    AWESOME pics.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I put it up on the front page.