Isla San Marcos report 9-9-06

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Kidjurel, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Kidjurel

    Hi Bders~ Been a tuff week down here tring to aid to those of Mulege. And thank to you in here it's going pretty good and will only get better.

    Now the fishing end of things are......... few factors with the water right now (post storm) 1) it's still pretty churned up, very murky. 2) lots of debris floating (logs, boards and just about everything that floats) so low light navigation should be done with caution!

    I've been doing some local (front of the house 2 mile radius) fishing in the late afternoon. Target fish is sierra and small dorado. It was okay day after the storm, found a patch of cleaner water next to massive debris line. Picked up 4 dorado (10 pounders) and one sierra. Saw lots of sierra, but none biting. Again water was very murky.

    Made one morning run to the Bajos and other than My first bait getting slammed buy a small gulf grouper (30 pounds)..... that was about it. No yellows or bites to speak off. Few gold spotted sand bass and a stray small Almaco Jack (10 pounds) not much else going on.

    Looks like a few more day for this place to flush it's self out. Take a little longer to do than this far north after that much run off.

    Till next week. Again Thanks to All for the Mulege Relief Effort!

    First bait in the water produced this G fishing the 110 Bajo. Yah it's alittle out of focus.. putting the camera on the console doesn't always get the effect you want.
    Someone in here PMed Me about Sierra Mackerel and asked about what to use. Here it's mostly dragging plugs like this. Don't foget the wire!
    This photo is in focus! took that the morning before fishing the Bajos. Almost didn't Go fishing! all I need is a lighting strike to top off the week.
    Sorry Guys not much else going on down here. No one fishing as of late, Mexican or American. Things will turn around soon with the coming of the fall season. Till next week. Cheers ~Mike~​
  2. Afry

    Thanks for the report, nothing like a little time on the water to clear the brain. Can't wait to pull on one of those freight train San Marcos YT's this winter.
  3. PescadorJim

    Mike have you heard anything about a closure on fishing? Supposedly the health department in Mulege has closed a section to fishing from Santa Rosalia to Mulege. Some confusion about when.
  4. Kidjurel

    I just got back for the COMSA office and...... rumors as of right now, but I will get the whole word on this later tonight and post it on a new thread. I've fished three time since the storm and....... yes dirty water inshore and other than sierra right now. That's all worth fishing there. I've fished Isla San Marcos (this thread) and Tortuga Sunday....... water was super blue and clean. Plus I was fishing only two spots Pyramid (230-250 feet deep) and Punta Azuel (380-420 feet deep) both on the bottom! don't think much of any contamination made it down that far with the current that's been running.

    I would say..... to be on the safe side is to. Not snorkel inshore for awhile. And surely not eat any shellfish (clams, scallops, oysters and so on) till at least the end of the month or longer, specialy out of Mulege area and that San Lucas Cove (hell I never eat nothing out of that cove anyway) Dam Alan and just about everyone else digs those clams right infront of camp..... were all those 2 stroke Mex/American outboards spume oil in daily. Mmmmmm clams linguini with outboard oil.

    I'll get back with the offical word on fishing closure if any.
  5. PescadorJim

    Brenda Goodson posted on Bajanomad and Bajaquest that Pesca had closed down commercial fishing due to the lack of water at the fish processing plants but sport fishing is supposedly allowed. At Mulege, they have interpreted that as no fishing or boating allowed. Boats are still putting out at Santa Rosalia
  6. neptune one

    Thanks for the report, do you ever that freedivers/spearfishermen out ?
  7. Kidjurel

    Yes I have~ and the seasons just starting next month.
  8. mr.K

    nice pic of the lighting