Isla San Marcos report 7-22-06

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Kidjurel, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. Kidjurel

    Isla San Marcos/Tortuga Fishing Report​

    Hola BDers~ Well I'm back after a three week north stay, however need to run back up next weekend.

    Strange the whole time in the states I was checking out reports here and on Mexfish...... lot of water was too hot, Dorado not here, slow there and so on..... Okay I'll buy that, summers here can be like that. Ah but you need to know the golden rule! fish for what's biting! not what you want to be biting.

    Shit Dorado~ yes they pay the bills when I'm fishing people who want to target them, But on a whole I couldn't care less. Once found~ too dam easy to catch. Like shooting fish in a barrel. We all been there and you know what I'm taking about.

    And upon returning found out..... tooooooooo many of those rat schools all over the whole Bajo area making fishing bad ass bottom fish hard to get baits to. Had to toss live bait away from the boat..... making those pest chase after them...... then quickly shotgun a dopper loop rig to where the real fish live.

    Yak Yak........ I'll let these pics do the yaking.

    It all starts here on the bait grounds in frount of San Lucas Cove and after three weeks in The Valley (LA) was a nice change of scenery.
    First Day back on the boat..... water flat like a mill pond. Means Tortuga run is in order. Here's Paul Aguilar Peralta getting bent.
    And the end result nice summer Tail.
    At this spot the main target fish is Sawtail Grouper and here a nice example. Sergio Peralta "Santa Rosalia" Capt. Daniel Lopez "Isla San Marcos" Paul Peralta "Santa Rosalia"
    After working that spot over (little slow) Due to My Deck Hand slamming it for three weeks while I was gone. we moved to the most forbidding spot at Tortuga....... PUNTA AZUL~ Forbidding you ask? Try super strong currents and 380-400 feet of water. This place can only be fished on Ideal condistions and this was the day to do it. Sergio with an average Baqueta (Rooster Hind)
    Hey what'd yah think? I only take photos...... I still can catch a few nice ones every once in awhile. My best Slam Cod "Baqueta" ever! Capt. Daniel and My old BW Outrage re-fitted to Kill again.
    Brother's back at the dock
    Hey I do fish Dorado..... and it's just about the perfect fish to put your kid on. Easy to catch, non-stop action and wont kick his ass to bad. My Son Michael with one of tooooo many caught 4 miles from our house.
    Todays Run..... kind of bummpy for a Tortuga run, so San Marcos island had to do. Nice mix of fish today with Dorado being WFO, but small.
    Note: While I was gone for three weeks Danny My Deckhand who runs the boat for Me. Was knocking out World Record Sawtails evey dam day. IGFA record on this Specie is 31 pounds?? last I checked (not sure) This fish with David shown here weighed in at a whopping 38 pounds!!
    And to finish things up......... if it looks like this in the morning down here, best to just go back to bed. Isla San Marcos
    Cheers all......... hope to see yah all down here sometime.​
  2. Mstonefish

    Another great report Mike..........................What Mex trips are all about.:appl:

  4. Halibut Howie

    WTG. Now that's my type of fishing.

  5. seasnake

    i can't wait to go back down!!!!!
  6. Bob5

    11 months and counting, thanks Mike for the report and pictures.
  7. voodoocaptain

    good work mikey....and nice pics your email a few days ago but been working for the last 8 straight with lotsa overtime..... off today, just watched Tiger blow 'em away at the B going shopping with what's her name.....I'll have some time this evening to email you back...Alan
  8. Kidjurel

    And just like that......... there he is. WTF?? was sending out Alan MIA e-mails. Didn't here from you in another week and........ your camp here was getting Dibbed up:rofl:
  9. BigShane

    Hey Mike, you're the man; bet those fish missed you when you were up in L.A. Later Big Shanes' Dad