is this Accurate?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by JSR, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. JSR

    i heard they will be shifting to ddogs on their bx line
  2. shajcl

    only to the new ones? what about the existing ones?
  3. JSR

    and here comes that question.........
    i would certainly hope so
  4. icculus81

    This is probably a dumb question, but what are ddogs?
  5. karlk1125

    That would definitely put accurate back on top again!
  6. Billy V

    Where did you hear this ?
  7. DV4701

    Anti-reverse dogs vice anti-reverse bearing
  8. Fishybuzz

    the real question is will they retro fit the older reels??? Or do people have to plunk down another $500.......
  9. Holi-e-Mackeral

  10. Fishybuzz

  11. Excaliber

    I didn't see it either. Maybe I missed it too?
  12. walkerman

    Me three.
  13. JSR

    hear say boys.....
    maybe i shouldn't be letting the cat out of the bag
  14. Fishybuzz

    why so top secret they are losing market share daily.....if it is not a dog system that can retrofitted into the existing reels I'm gone.....
  15. shajcl

    Me too.......
  16. marlyn

    me three
  17. mattyd102477

    What is the likelihood of that being the case? Should I wait to buy the ones we were discussing last week; BX2: 600, 600W, 500N? I'm not planning to go extreme and catch cows on any of those, just want good reels for the Lupe and Alijos, but I also don't want to go blow $2k on 3 reels just to find out they're obsolete without the DD.

  18. titan05

    Damn Fishy....stir it up:nutkick:
  19. Fishybuzz

    just callin it like I see it....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  20. nick17yz

    ding ding