Is My Motor Mounted Too Deep???

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by t_dub, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. t_dub

    i've got twin rooster tails that come off my extended transom from either side of the motor. nothing i do trim-wise does anything to help. seems like the cavitation plate is buried too deep when up on plane and i'm not getting what i would expect fuel mileage wise. would bumping the motor up one hole help or do I have something else going on?

    sorry about the link. the video was bigger than the max allowed and i have no clue how to shrink it down.

  2. archy99

    I have the same issue...and plan to raise mine a notch or two. It was a stab in the dark as far as running depth, as my boat had never floated. The brackets can throw things off a bit too, making it hard to pre-determine where it needs to sit.
  3. goatram

    yup to low need to raise it up a hole or two. you should be able to see your Cavitation plate when running.
  4. Odin7

    My motor was too low. Raised it.

    HUGE improvement.

    P.S. HUGE improvement.
  5. Hawaiian Style

    Need's to go up for sure
  6. wood2turn

  7. t_dub

    that's what i was thinking, but nice to have an overwhelming confirmation.

    thanks fellas!
  8. elim

    Is there no other reason a boat would do this?What is the down side to having the motor to low other than probable poor fuel economy.
  9. goatram

    Slower speed as well as the poor mileage.

    Only reasons this would happen is something is wrong with the hull or something dragging on the motor.
  10. elim

    What kind of improvement did you get?Speed, mileage?

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