Is fish dope any good?

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Dirty Hot SF, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Dirty Hot SF

    I have some extra money right now and I am considering getting a membership. My other option is to fuel my boat and run to catalina on an overnight. Does anyone actually report their catch locations on there? I know I would. I have always provided coordinates or locations as best as I can to help out others. But i dont think people are as generous as they should be sometimes.


  2. Dave Hansen Advertiser

    Yes we do all the time .If your not on it and your fishing please tell me how you know where to go.
  3. middleofnowhere

    I think a lot of the guys that do give dope are professional fishermen. The FD guys probably contact a lot of commercial guys and sport boats daily. They have the connections.

    The owners of Fishdope probably give free membership or something of value to the guys that are on the water daily (at least that's what I think).

    There are also a lot of reports from private boaters too, but the reports are written by the staff. Reports are called or e-mailed in, the staff writes what you see on Fish Dope. I know I have submitted a few reports before, just hoping to get good karma.
  4. dkd711

    Does BD own FD?
  5. smassey1

    great source of info
    i give on the water reports to FD owned by BD
    going there now to look for info for half day trip i am running tommorow

    plus great temp charts/weather info and chlorophyl info blue/grn h2o
    <WHERE p h2o green blue are.<>later
    Capt. Massey
  6. FishSwami

    I use it daily and you get what you put into it. It is reliable information and when you consider what your alternative sources of information may be, you are way ahead in the game unless you already have a substantial network at your disposal.

  7. Dirty Hot SF

    Wow, not one person that can say a bad thing about FD. It looks like I will have to make the purchase. As far as where I usually chose to go... on the east coast it was pretty easy. Pick the warmest canyon within fuel range and it was usually wide open. Out here I really struggle to find the fish, usually just choosing random kelp or bottom structure. Or aimlessly drifting deep water for shark. Although the deep water tactic has landed me 12 blue shark on 3 trips in january.


  8. Redtuna

    FD is for anglers that don't know how to read temp charts and watch the moon. I've been fishing for 37 years and catching for 36. There's a learning curve to everything, wether its screwing or fishing.

    Save you money and fish with the Captain Dan!
  9. rodngun762


  10. Dirty Hot SF

    I bit the bullet and got the membership. Already got some good coordinates off the site I haven't used before. Looks like the reports section is the main help right now for me. I would have liked to see more Hot Bite reports on the chart though, like in the example map. Maybe a little later in the year...
  11. rodngun762

    Yeah, the hot bites on the map really comes into play during pelagic season. It's very helpful in tracking fish movements for tuna and paddy fish.
  12. invictus

    FD is worth every penny, it will save you that tank of gas and then some over the course of the year.

    I report there, often while I am ON the water.
  13. middleofnowhere

    It's like crack.
    If you have a smart phone, FD reads very well on the small screen. I found it addictive and read the report just about every day.
  14. Kareem Korn

    I didn't renew my membership. That tells you what I thought of it.
  15. spike

    You know what makes sport boat captains consistently successful and on the fish, continuos days at sea. Fishdope provides anglers & boaters with daily information on where the bite is, where it's going, and daily changes on the water. For some of us that do the daily grind and are not on the water daily it helps, gather all the intel from days prior and have a better idea of whats going on on the water before you get their.

    FISHDOPE; I like it.
  16. sdratergnikcuf

    If you like fishing with your 300 closest friends.

    I use it to know where not to fish.
  17. Bud B

    I don't know, but I can guess, that the longer your membership, the more "privilages" that come with it. Just like with any good long term customer.
  18. gpaul1961

    Yo Sword man. What's shaking?
  19. Bud B

    My wifes ass when I tap it cause she won't lay off the Twinkies.
  20. gpaul1961

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