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  1. Captain Juan SQ

    OLDMAN W"RE ARTDOU,well it was kinda windy here in sq this week,there w're a couple of intrepid fisherman wating to go fish,a father and son team that are on a baja adventure and wanted to try there luck at finding some tails in sq,we went looking at the 15 fathomspot and found the birds working on some puddling yelowtails,we troll'd around and pickt up a fish then some nice bones to go with a few bottom fish and call it a day early,cptn gordo garcia was also out an he put a tail on board as well as some bones,there w're 3 schools of brezzer fish,tails mixt with bone,but all we could do was troll,it looks reel nice out there,the water temp was 56.8 and has good color,goodluckgoodfishing.

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  2. sublimebs

    ahhhh! Gotta love chuckin' Iron!


    Fish on!!
  3. gringo loco

    Brrrr... man it looks cold out there!!
  4. fishbuck

    Nicely done Capt. Juan!
  5. nick17yz

    old man is on the road buying harleys. minn today, illinois yesterday, colorado the day before and so on.. we should get down there soon. thanks for the report juan! hopefully they start to get reeeely hungry sooooon!!
  6. record

    It looks like father and son had a blast, good pics.
  7. Captain Juan SQ

    great,june is just around the corner now,and things are bound to get wide open at the island on the tails and the butts,cant waite,tell the OLDMAN to bring chato with him so he can do da' driveing,chatochatochato,we love you man.