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Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by Bottom Line, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Bottom Line

    I've been spending huge amounts of time getting one of the Invaders ready to go to BoLA on June 23rd.

    This project started last August when the boat was stripped down and the deck removed. Pulled out the leaking 42 gal fuel tank and had Vince at American Tanks build a custom 60 gallon one.

    Wound up replacing a complete stringer and one bulkhead - recessed the foam and stringers to install a piece of 3/4" ply glassed to the stringers and foam - a 1/2 deck was glassed over the top. Used fine ground walnut shells for the non-skid - this was covered with gelcoat and webbing was applied for texture.

    Installed a combo leaning post, tackle storage and 30 gal bait tank.

    Boat was completely rewired with marine grade wire. I can't seem to find the fuel & volt gauge, hence the holes in the console.

    Oh yeah, added a new Etec 90 - Took it out for a test run yesterday to get some break-in hours and figured we'd fish for a few bass. The bass were exceptionally willing to play and we caught/released around 40 in about 3 hours.

    Everything worked as planned and the boat is ready to head south!

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  2. Ali Admin

    Nice work gramps. It'll be good to have you back out there.

    Is that vinces old leaner?
  3. sdfishkiller

    There's lobster in BOLA?


    Have fun amigo
  4. Bottom Line

    Yes it is - did a bit of rework to make the bait tank function better - it seems to work real well but have only tested it on calico's - haven't really got to test it on bait....

    Oh, the calicos were taken for a boat ride and released...

    Looks like I should have made the trip down to the islands yesterday afer reading Nicolai's post.

  5. Bottom Line

    The boat next to it still has all the lobster gear on it! I'll un-bug it sometime.

  6. Ib1

    Nicely done. She was made for LA Bay. We'll probably pass you on the road heading north on the 23th. Safe travels. :hali_olutta:
  7. the_looper

    So is that a custom combo leaning post, tackle storage and 30 gal bait tank? I'm looking for something similar.
  8. Carl

    Looks awesome Steve!
  9. @-EZ

    Nice. That thing will scoot if required, and still sip fuel.

    Congrats on the rebuild/upgrades. Best of luck down there.
  10. Bottom Line

    Yes it is - it has room for 8 of the smaller Plano boxes.

  11. Bottom Line

    Thanks Max...It will be back up this way for the offshore season to keep you company if we don't take the Blackman out.

  12. @-EZ

    Cool. But I only throw out #'s when I've hit limits. :rofl:

    When it happens, and I feel pretty confident it will this year, unlike the couple past, ... Let's go!!! Looking forward to it...
  13. kerim

    just got the same boat but it is a 18ft. i wish i had your tank / lean post combo. searching everywhere!