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Discussion in 'Washington State' started by ProTackle, May 7, 2010.

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  1. ProTackle

    I have been an avid fisherman all my life but once I was introduced to Popping and Jigging while fishing in Panama my love for the sport increased tenfold. Nothing I have experienced compares to a monster fish exploding on a topwater lure. The ultimate in thrill and excitement.

    panama 053.jpg

    Jigging is the perfect compliment to Popping. Two totally different styles of fishing but both can be very productive and it's a great way to break up the day. I think my favorite aspect of Jigging is the unknown. You just never know what you're going to pull up from the depths. Popping and Jigging are also both hands on types of fishing meaning that you actually have the rod in your hands at the strike. Some people like to kick back with a beer and troll the day away but as patient as I have become in my older years I still prefer to be working it.


    Being a tackle whore, whenever I'm traveling somewhere I always need to research and purchase new and exciting tackle(not to mention at least a couple of new rods and reels) for my adventure. It seems like I'm always the guy who supplies everyone on the trip with gear and tips on what they should bring. Although I've had some positive experiences purchasing tackle for the most part I'm usually disappointed in the quality of customer service and selection I come across.


    Let's see....I love fishing and especially Popping and Jigging. Buying fishing tackle is an obsession of mine and customer service is hard to come by. What should I do? That's right! Open a tackle shop. Now I get to talk about fishing all day long and I actually look forward to going to work. My life couldn't be any sweeter!


    In February I traveled over to Japan for the Osaka fishing show. When it comes to Popping and Jigging gear the Japanese really know what's going on and no one can deny that they love fishing as much as we do. I was able to purchase some awesome rods, lures and tackle for my new venture. I also hooked up with Maniac lures in Thailand. They produce some beautiful and really well made poppers and stickbaits that rival the nicest Japanese lures in finish and quality at almost half the price. For the trolling crowd I also purchased some killer skirted trolling lures from Australia from a company called The Frozen Tree Company. Don't let the name fool you as these have been slaying Marlin, Tuna and the usual suspects for years in the land down under. Not everything is imported and I will be stocking my shelves with some quality domestic tackle as well but I didn't want to carry the same things people could buy down the street. I've still got lot's of things on order and will be getting new products in on a weekly basis.


    Why would a guy in Washington state open up a Popping and Jigging shop? First of all I'm blessed to live on the water and lucky enough to be able to catch 20lb King salmon right from my bulkhead in July and August as there is a hatchery right up the bay from me. Lot's of fun but sorry it just doesn't compare to catching blue water predators on topwater lures or jigs. Salmon fishing is also very seasonal where as Popping and Jigging can be done every day of the year in a lot of locations (At some point I may start carrying Salmon gear but that's another story for another day). Secondly, having an online store as well as a retail shop, allows me to reach a larger audience of anglers in search of quality gear so location isn't as important as it used to be.

    my pictures 028.JPG IMG_3103.JPG

    If you happen to live up here in Washington drop by ProTackle before you head out on your bluewater trip. I am less than 10 minutes from the Kingston ferry dock in Poulsbo and as far as I know the only dedicated bluewater shop in Washington. A little out of the way but well worth the trip! Albacore season is fast approaching and I will be carrying what you need to catch some Tuna up here on the slide like the Megabait 4oz Live Jig(my friend Nick Nakao produces these famous lures and they will have a new name and should be arriving in early June) as well as the rods and reels to get the job done.


    I know Popping and Jigging is a lot more popular on the east coast but it's just a matter of time before it catches on over here. Try it once and I guarantee you will be hooked! Tight lines and thanks for the opportunity to supply you with some quality tackle.

    Peter Turgeon // Founder // ProTackle // 360-881-0019

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    15% off on everything in the store for Bloodydecks members. Just add the coupon code "bloodydecks" at checkout.
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  2. WaveDancer

    You have an address for us "Locals" that may want to stop by?

  3. ProTackle

    If you go to the "contact us" page on my website there is a google map and address but I am in the Kennedy business park right off of HWY 104 between Poulsbo and Kingston at 5654 NE Minder RD Suite 101.

    Come on by!
  4. WaveDancer

    Thanks Peter, I will stop by after getting back from halibut fishing in a couple of weeks.

  5. DoubleA

    you come highly recomended - i checked out the site and am impressed with some of the product you have that other people dont.

    So i will be placing an order as soon as i can.
  6. brantc

    King Salmon off your bulkhead?? I'm jealous.

    The site and products look great. Welcome to the board.
  7. kraken33

    So excited there is a retail store in WA that has jigging and popping gear. I have been addicted ever since my trip to Paradise Lodge in Panama...3 trips later and the addition continues to grow. Those Maniac poppers are sweet, glad to see you are carrying them.
  8. ProTackle

    Glad to hear excitement. I've been to Chad's as well.... Great guy and an awesome setup he has down there. I sent down some maniac Poppers for the boats and they have been a hit.

    Stop by the shop when you get a chance. Lot's of new gear on the way including Albacore lures for the upcoming season.
  9. Ali Admin

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for coming on board and helping us out with the popping gear for PV.

    You are right. It's just a matter of time before the West Coast opens their eyes to popping and jigging.
  10. DoubleA

    well, placed my order, spent way too much money, there were just too many goodies!
  11. ProTackle

    Thanks for the order Aaron! It's on it's way.....
  12. DoubleA

    im psyched, i have high hopes for those shout jigs sleighing the AJs!!!

    And ive been dieing for some serious split ring pliers!

    thanks again! and good luck with the new business! sounds like you are going to just fine even if you just get the folks from the west coast to drive on over :)
  13. jig42na

    Looks great Pete, glad to see your shop photos. Looks much like mine but different color. We are surrounded by concrete though and no salmon in back yard:(

    I will try to start to frequent this site more as it is a great place. Good luck with the new adventure!!!
  14. fishnazzi

    Looking for some pearl head feathers. Don't really care if they are even made up......let me clarify that the heads alone would be just fine. (no feathers) either way what do you got?????
  15. DoubleA

    GOT MY GOODIES!!!! Gonna try and fish em tomorrow!!!


  16. KnightRider

    What no more BD discount?
  17. KnightRider

    Thanks Peter.

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  18. Tower Todd

    Nice meeting you Peter. What a candy store you have built! I am impressed with the amount of unique items that you stock.

    The Spinal Rods are simply amazing. I've never felt a rod so light with so much power. It really changes the way I'm thinking about rods in the future.

    The poppers that you offer are also very cool. I only wish we had something around here where that style of fishing could produce. I would like to try some of the smaller styles for albacore next season and see if the would go on them.

    The PR Knot you showed us is "THE BOMB" and I think you'll be getting more requests for the bobbins you sell after some of the guys saw how smooth and strong that knot is. Now I need to practice it so I can tie it quickly.

    Really too much to list and I hope my travels take me in your direction again soon for another visit and some more tackle.

    BDers: Check out the Pro-Tackle Website or stop by if you are in the area. Peter is really customer friendly and will answer all of your questions. Pro-Tackle truly is a candy store for fisherman.

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  19. ProTackle

    It was great meeting you guys on Saturday and thanks for the purchases and the kind words! I must warn you though that I went easy on you because we had just met. Next time you will be walking out of the store with at least a rod or 2.

    If you get stuck with the PR just give me a call and I can walk you through it again or better yet maybe we can do another in store demo.

  20. trackerputnam

    Well I needed a Bobbin and called Pro Tackle as instructed by Todd. I think I called at about 10 or 11 am and the next day in the mail, there was the bobbin. Wow! Its working great.