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Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by PENN, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. PENN Advertiser

    Hello everyone, We are pleased to be supporting the Bloody Decks forum and are happy to be joining the community. Please feel free to post any new threads on the WORLD OF PENN forum area with product questions, service needs or just to share your experiences on the water.

    It’s nice to know who you are talking to so we want to let you know who we are. Our team that will be handling our responses from PENN includes:

    Steve Carson (a.k.a tunanorth) - PENN West Coast Prostaffer
    Tom Blecker – PENN Reel Services Supervisor
    Tony Dubeck – PENN Quality Technician
    Chris Derrick – PENN Brand Marketing Manager
    Mike Rice – PENN Senior Business Manager
    Cameron Hughes – PENN Associate Product Manager
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    Alright, so we have to lay some ground rules:

    1. We will be answering questions during business hours (8am-5pm) unless we are traveling for work and don&#8217;t have internet connections. Please be patient as we will answer any questions. We have families that want to see us and we like to fish as much as you do, so we aren&#8217;t always in front of the computer.
    2. If you have a problem with the way we are handling responses on the forum feel free to shoot us a PM and we will be happy to handle it offline. We are here to help and offer the best possible customer service.
    3. Tell us what you think. We want to hear your thoughts about our product line&#8230;good or bad. We hope that we learn from you and much as we teach. The way we think that is part of being in the community.
    4. Keep it civil. No cussing or foul language. There are kids that read these threads, so let&#8217;s not steer them in the wrong direction.
    5. We are constantly improving our product line and we&#8217;ve taken significant steps to improve the quality of the products we bring to market over the past few years. We&#8217;ll be sure to let you know what&#8217;s new on the thread, but not before we are ready to announce it.

    Thanks to everyone for welcoming us and allowing us to participate in the forum.

    Tight Lines.
  2. Ali Admin

    We are all STOKED to have you boys on here!
  3. OFN

    Great to see Penn have an official presence here on BD. Looking forward to seeing many great posts here.
  4. Sewer

    I heard the new stuff coming out is supposed to be insane.
  5. Johnny J

    Welcome, this will be a great addition to the Board.
  6. Jason Admin

    Nice to have you guys aboard to answer all of the Penn questions. Can't wait to check out the new stuff!
  7. tunanorth

    Looking forward to answering even more questions here on BD!
  8. SeaDawg

    [QUOTE= Keep it civil. No cussing or foul language/quote//

    No cussing????? No foul language???? Ali!!! Jason!!! WHAT did you tell these guys about BD???

    BTW - love Penn products :)
  9. Reel 007

    WELCOME, good to know the products I own are supported on this board.
  10. MikeyLikesIt

    welcome to the nuthouse, guys.

    Most of us grew up with PENN products. It is amazing how well it (still) works!

    look forward to checking out the latest stuff. :)

    see ya'll at the shows.
  11. Surfdoc

    Nice to have ya aboard, Penn reels have proven themselves down here. Look forward to seeing whats in the works!
  12. la vida

    I love all my Penn Reels!!!!!!,
    I would guess some of my reels are as older than many on this board.
    Keep it up.
  13. scrubber

    Question, Are Penn reels Made in USA using only USA parts?
  14. I'M OFF

    My first real, reel, was a penn.(squidder 140) The last reel I bought, is a penn.(16vsx) I'm liking that you guys are here!
  15. tunanorth

    The "threshold" for "Made in USA" for Penn reels is at $249. A total of 35 different models, plus another 11 "stock" color/bail options, plus everything in the "custom color shop".
    Parts for those models that are "reel parts" are also US-made, with "standard machine parts" such as machine screws, ball-bearings, springs, etc. having a variety of origins.
    I have also recently been using several upcoming field-test models slated for introduction in 2013 that will also be "Made in USA".
  16. PENN Advertiser

    Thanks for all the notes everyone! We are excited to be joining the forum as well. Tunanorth and us look forward to answering any questions you have.
  17. flamekeeper

    I have known for years the great quality you guys have at PENN, They were the only reels my grandfather had, and he fished everything from saltwater to fresh and never heard him say anything negative about them. I've fished them a few times, and just wished you guys would make a smaller reel in a level wind the size of 6500 7000+ abu's , and I probably wasn't the only one. When Penn brought out the Fathom series you answered a many prayers IMHO. many freinds have bought them as well.

    I bought 2 20's and soon after another, and going to get 1 more to complete the set soon. Just want to say thank you for a great reel..

  18. alantani

    you know, this board is a GREAT idea. i love having a place where i know i can find steve carson, instead of having to track down my old buddy on some board halfway across the world!
  19. flamekeeper

    Well I now am a proud owner of 5 Fathom FTH20LW's, have 1 more to go to complete the set of 6..Thanks Guys for such a outstanding reel. Kenny.
  20. TARFU

    Good to know we have a direct link to Penn....I started fishing Penn reels with my Dad in a 1967 Montgomery Wards SeaKing with a 9.9 hp SeaKing two stroke in the Sacramento Delta....even made my Mom buy him a "Special Senator" for his birthday "and told her it costs so much because it's a 'Special', that's why it's $19.99" at Thrifty's drug Store....still fishing Penn's today and will pass what I have now to my kids...112H, 113H, and a 114HLW.....yes they are all 'Specials' and that's what I tell my wife when she asks why they cost cost so much, and still a great deal!!!!!