Intrepid - 2008

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by wifitunaguy, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. wifitunaguy

    Bored... I am reliving my trips via movie maker...

    Most of Part I is from the Nov 5-15th trip.


    [ame=""]YouTube - Intrepid Part I - Final[/ame]

  2. riceman1011

    not working =( i was stoked on it too haha
  3. wifitunaguy

  4. riceman1011

    kick ass video! "im totally hammered right now" hahaha love it!
  5. wifitunaguy

    Yeah.. Pretty sure Chad is going to kill me for this one...
  6. scuba e

    thank you so much for sharing. Some of the best couch fishing yet! Cant wait for part 2!
    Got any Cerdos/Alijos stuff?
  7. glenn

    Good times! Looks like the camera came out OK.
    Great fishing with you.
  8. Wandering Blues

    Absolutely awesome video. Intrepid should show some love for production. I'm sure they'll get some looks based on your clip. But the fart-lighting LMAO!
  9. baldfish

    Nice work! What's your schedule for 2009?
  10. DORADO13

    Thats a sweet video but your a horrible DJ you just cant go from Metallica to Celine Dion please fix that.
  11. santeedude

    cool video, I like the hookup as soon as it hit the water.
  12. Freshone21

    coool video>>thought the celine dion part was halarious
  13. smeredith

    Hahaha....Chad, a good friend from the LBC. I need a good 10 day trip!!!