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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by djhaul, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. djhaul

    I have been fishing Long Range now for about 7 years. As I get older and more established in my career it is harder for me to get off of the grid for more than a few days. When I go fishing for 7-10 days and am not checking email at all it can really be an issue, not only for my company but for my clients.

    I read recently that the Excel was talking about putting wireless internet in the galley. When I first heard this, I was like GREAT! Then I thought about it, why the hell am I going to spend all this money to go fishing in the greatest fishery in the world and be checking email??

    I think it's a double edged sword, I am not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, you can potentially put out any fires that may happen when you are away. On the other...does it really matter?

    Curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
  2. The Notorious S.U.A.

    It would be very helpful to some of the passengers if we could at least get on email once a day and keep in contact with the office.
  3. djhaul

    I agree. Sometimes ignorance is bliss though.
  4. hydro

    I would find it helpful in my business to have email access on board. It would make it easier for me to leave work for extended periods of time. On the other hand I can understand wanting to "get away from everything" I guess if people don't want to use it they don't have to. JMHO.
  5. fishordie

    I have never found ignorance is bliss however I have found knowledge can make my hair fall out....LOL. Yeah, I know the happiest person on the planet is the fool but We have all seen plenty of fools on long range yet they do not seem happy at all. Oh well.

    As far as the Internet option on the Excel I for one AM LOVING IT. I am hoping it is up and running for our Charter in 2 weeks so I can send live up dates of the trip to sites like B.D. Heck we might even get a bit of streaming video. Talk about living vicariously through other anglers...

    Before the purist folks kick in and tell me how they want peace and quite the reality is our industry is struggling and needs new blood badly. Say what you will but the latest generation or two are hopelessly addicted to
    Internet. Like anything else the long range industry needs to get their foot in the door of these computer addicted generation X thru Z er's to see if we can get them away from Nintendo... Or is it Sega?? Oui?? I am not sure which manufacturer it is but they have bowling and fishing in order to introduce them to the real thing. Heck, I admit I have bowled a few Oui games on some of the long range boats and it was a kick in the pants. Oh man, I sure hope I am not addicted.

    Yes, this will enable Business folks to have access to business as long as the boat is in satellite range. I am not sure where coverage will extend to put I am sure I will be typing away until my indicator says I no longer have a signal.

    The only concern I have is now Porn will be available 24/7 so I sure hope the crew and passengers will come up on deck sometime to fish. Oh my.

    None the less, the harsh reality of life is we all need to roll with the punches or our industry will die thus I applaud the Excel for taking the financial step of attempting this Internet access as an option for any fisherman who chooses to imbibe. I for one will be bringing my addiction with me and hope to use it. Others who do not believe in such things should not be bothered as it is no different than wiring up jigs, making top shots or ?? in the galley as long as the volume is not turned on. Heck, folks have been watching movies on their little lap tops or ??? for years now using head phones to keep the sound to themselves so this should be no different at all.

    Options.. I LOVE Options.... I just do not trade them

  6. Garabaldi

    It is always better to have options IMO than not. Business is business and vacation is vacation so you have to decide what is most important to you, those who own their own business know exactly what I am talking about. Money isn't everything, but try living without it in today's fast paced world... balance is the key factor in keeping your sanity. It would be cool if they set up a system where you could use your own laptop in multiple places on the boat (stateroom, galley, upperdeck).

    Tight lines!
  7. phantom1

    internet would be nice to have, even if it was set up like on the cruise ships. Either pay by usage or unlimited. That way each could have a choice. but I. would think to keep the fun in the trip once every other day or so would be about all one could take unless it Was WORKING FISHING TRIP. I KNOW MANY HAVE TAKEN MANY VACATIONS THIS WAY. The price we pay.... Plus the way it is today it's extremely hard on our ego's to know the world can run with out us.....
  8. eMan

    not for me man, I go fishing to GET AWAY from my work! hopefully they wont increase the rate to go fishing on an internet ready boat. Charge those who use it, they rest of us just wanna fish.
  9. fishordie

    The charge will be only applied to those who opt to use the service and is in addition to the trip price. NOBODY who chooses not to use the service will be charged for it.

  10. Sactotuna

    I think it's a wonderful idea, anything that gets anglers off the rail and into the galley works for me.
    As for me, I trained someone to handle work while I'm gone. :) :)
  11. broton

    I would not like it because I would use it to keep in touch with the office. I love long range because it is the only time I will not be in contact with the office to check in. I was in Bali earlier this year and checking email and repsonding daily. I enjoy the fact that I am "off the grid" for 10-16 days.
  12. phantom1

    Now that's positive thinking at it's best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. djhaul

    Hey Jamie.

    Do you have verified info on how this will work? If so I would love to hear about it.

  14. Saluki

    If I had internet out there.................. I may never leave my bunk.
  15. ?? fisherman

    Not a long range guy, but I am so with with this guy above!

    You guys really want internet?? Damn... people are just continuously losing what vacations and trips were all about. What's next? WiFi at all campgrounds? Getting on the water and taking a multi day trip whether camping, fishing, hunting or whatever else is about escaping the fast paced BS we deal with everyday.

    This falls right in line with a similar subject brought up not long ago, and that was if people should be notified when and if something bad happened at home while on a long range trip. It was an interesting thread, and Wahoodad brought up some interesting things to the thread. One being that he and others make it a point to tell their family not to call them with any bad news... in fact I think it was said that they dont want any calls period.

    I wont go into great detail, but the point being, what good is it going to do if a guy gets a call saying his kid or significant other is dying or in the hospital. Basically none, and all it would do is then bring down others on the boat ( and who paid big bucks) for the rest of the trip. What you dont know at the time can't hurt you, and the boats not going to turn around and come home because of something like this.

    Having internet is just going to end up Fking up some trips for others IMO. Leave on your trip in a good mood, completely forget about your other daily lifes issues, and come back to deal with whatever has come up when you were gone. Simple enough.

    I think you all can live without your Facebook for a short spell :gay:

    There's a sorry picture being painted here. Just get away and forget about everything.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  16. reelconcerned

    I am looking into the "delorme" (2) way satellite gps text messaging unit coming out in October this year. Check it out on the web...Paul
  17. NachoOne

    The fact is that I would just enjoy flying between the east/west/north/ south parts of the states just so I could enjoy being disconnected from work for a couple of hours. And I have to tell you that I hated traveling, but would get into my planes chair, disconnect the PC, Cell phone, Beeper, and just really relax. Then again, it should be one's choice, but that is not for me, I hated it.
  18. Garabaldi

    If you are a business professional folks pay for your service, talent, and knowledge not your assistant's or someone you may have just trained. Reasonably affordable Internet service on a LR vessle would allow us 1099 earners to handle and be involved in critical unforeseen matters with valued clients which can only be a good thing in my mind. Time is truly of the essence in my business so being able to communicate 24/7 is a benefit to me and my clients as long as we don't let it consume us. Great idea, and definiteley a value added service by the Excel IMO.

    Tight lines!
  19. TShooter

    Being self employed I too struggle with this one. Sometimes when I am out to sea I get a bit anxious, but I just need to trust that the team I have put together will take care of any pressing issues. If I have a client who cannot understand that I need time away also, then they probably are not the type of people I would like to do business with anyway.

  20. dweston

    There you have it, use it if you want if not don't seems pretty easy to me.