Initial Field Test Review - New Shimano Trinidad 16A Narrow

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by flyliner, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. flyliner

    95% of my fishing is local island stuff, mostly sebass, yellowtail, halibut, calicos, bonito, etc. And most of the time I am fishing live bait, dines, squid, macks, flyline, dropper loop, small slidder. For this, the reel size I use most often is something the holds about 280-300 yards of 50 pound spectra filled to the brim, with a short 3 foot top shot of anywhere from 20 to 40 pound fluro.

    I also prefer a star drag reel over a lever drag for this kind of fishing. I love the little lever drags for strictly offshore tuna stuff....with the little Avet SX being one of my favorites....though to be fair I haven't fished the talicas yet.

    Anyway, so basically I wanted to get the best star drag reel on the market today. I narrowed my choices down to the new Trinidad 16NA or a Daiwa Saltiga 20. The choice was easy once I finally realized the Saltiga doesn't have a clicker. Might not seem to be such a huge deal to most of you, but for me, I pretty much always fish on private boats and half the time it seems like I won't get bit unless I put the reel in the rod holder with the clicker on. :rofl:

    So I have been excited to test out the new trinidad on some hard pullin' fish. The best test of course would be some 30 pound class homeguard yellows, but so far I have had to settle for some decent sized white seabass and the never respected, but always hard pulling bat rays and leopard sharks to see what this reel can do.

    I have my Trinidad 16 NA spooled with 280 yards of 50 pound big game white spectra, and use a short 3 foot top shot of anywhere from 20 to 40 pound fluro.

    Overall feel: This is the smoothest reel I have ever used. It's like butter. Just a joy to fish with. The narrow spool makes it very easy to wind the line/spectra back on the reel as well.

    Strength and Torque: Incredibly strong. Just feels insanely powerfull and boasts 25 pounds of drag!!! Big bat rays, leopards and nice size white seabass stood no chance. Again, some nice 30 pound class homeguard yellows would be a nice test....will be looking for those soon.

    Casting: The reel casts very, very well. It's probably not the best casting reel I have used, I still think if you are just looking at casting, a newelll 220 or sealine 20 is hard to beat. Still, this reel has some insane freespool and the spool is much lighter than those in the older trinidads.

    So overall, at this point, this is hands down my favorite reel that I own and the best star drag reel I have ever fished. I am already trying to figure out if I want the 10A or 12A next. Tough choice.
  2. getemwet

    Sweet report thanks a lot . Been looking at the new trinis and i want the 16na. I have a couple talicas and am looking to get rid of my 10II and get a 16na.I know you have never used a talica but you need to. They are super smooth when hooked into a big one, and they can cast pretty well too. Thanks.
  3. lingasaurus

    Played/fished with both own only Talica ii's, why not go 2 speed so you can have power or speed gears. You should try a Talica ii, the 8 and the 12 are the narrow versions before buying your next Trini. IMHO better drag and it was designed to free line bait. Nice review but even better pictures. Really put the hurt on those ghosts with those dines. Great job on quality fish.
  4. flyliner

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I will probably end up getting a Talica 8 II. I played with it at the tackle shop and it's a sweet reel. I just prefer star drags for fishing the that's why I went with the Trinidad A.

    There really isn't anything I don't like about the new Trinidads. Heck even the white handle is growing on
  5. Ready4TheYellow

    Finally got a 12A in the shop sweet little reel. After seeing it....Im thinking the 10A is gonna be small..
  6. flyliner

    I can't wait to see the 12 A and the 10 A. I love catching big fish with small reels.
  7. getemwet

    X2 love big fish on small gear, makes shit intresting.I also agree I love and really only use stars for fishing the islands for chucking bait close to the kelp and shore.
  8. craigen

    Have you actually measured whether or not this reel really gets 25lbs. of max drag? Cheers...
  9. basto

    Hope it has a spring on the AR pawl with that much drag, and do you what the drag material is?
  10. Calico Killer

    Glad you're liking the reel. I don't really get to use a reel of that caliber, but
    a few times a year haha. The drag is Dartanium, so if you haven't yet, I'd
    recommend switching them out for Carbontes before you hook that
    homeguard. Carbontex drags are much smoother, and I've known Dartanium
    fibers to break free and make a mess of your reel.

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