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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by HotFlash, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. HotFlash

    Hello folks.
    i booked a trip on the indy for Aug 11-18 since my trip on the Q105 was canceled. Have not fished this ship before and was wondering if i could get some info from you all as to what to expect.
    Is there a good area for a SKB box?
    Do i need to get there in line way early to make sure i get a place for it?
    it looks like they have rocket launchers in the center, are those assigned or first come first served. Been trying to find some good pictures of the boat but no luck so far.
    As for the rooms, we are in a 3 person room "E", do the rooms have good storage for clothes (closets/drawers), bags, extra gear, that kind of stuff.
    any and all info would be really appreciated .
  2. shajcl

    Your SKB box should be fine, unless it has the rocket launchers. Then you will need the top rack. Boarding is assigned by when you send in your deposit. The rocket launchers are assigned by your numbers. You get two per number. I have never stay in rm E. But like all boats, three people is always a bit crowded.


  3. rodblder

    I've been in D across the hall from E half dozen times, plenty big, MUCH bigger than other 3 man rooms like on the AA for ex. Plus you're right next the the head which is conveniet. Also its the quietest of the 3 man rooms.
    Boarding by when you signed up so only the first 6 guys get the top shelf of the rack so you can use your skb rocket launchers.
    Nice big boat, you'll like it, great upgrade from the Q imo....
  4. #1 shredder

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA operation all the way around. Enjoy yourselves and prepared to be spoiled. It has ruined me because I can't even imagine fishing on another boat. Make sure to bring your "stretchy" pants, as the quisine is 5 star!
  5. riverrunner1984

    Plenty of room for clothes in the bunks. There is spots for your rods and tackle box all assigned to the number you get when you check into the boat. Hence, I was number 16 when I went so by tackle box was placed in the location number 16, rods were placed in 16 and user rocket launcher 16.
  6. Sactotuna

  7. yoyoman

    Great boat, assigned spots for your gear. There are two spot up front for your rods that will be used the most and spots on the side of the boat for Stanby rod setups. Forget about the rush, it's the Indy plenty of space. It's not your typical cattle boat, your gonna like it. Your w the big boys now.
  8. Rodman 28

    Hope this video helps....Indy is a GREAT VESSEL!!!!....Mark

  9. timbercrete

    I've never been on the Indy either, but am signed up for a 2.75 day in July with the little woman.

    If we are sharing my SKB box with launchers and have consective numbers, will the box then have anough room? I'm assuming they will not fit w/launchers because of width.

  10. rodblder

    problem is not width, any spot other than the top shelf the problem is the height for the rocket launchers. you should be ok
  11. timbercrete

    Got it..... Thanks
  12. J-HOOK

    See you down there Gene as I am on that trip too. Boat is very roomy and I've heard only good things about it. Don't even know what room I'm in but it dosen't matter. Were going fishin'!
  13. Rickshaw

    Here are a few I took on my last trip!

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  14. Yolo

    Sent you a PM. You will enjoy that boat. I will dig out some PICS or post a link from our last year's trip.

    Old Report Link:

    Tackle area:


    Healthy Bait on board as they have extra bait wells...


    Here is a shot of the Deck Space from up top...all tackle spaces are numbered including singles up front. Tons of extra space up towards the bow (where I keep my extras) or up top (easy access/stairs). Room E in the mid section of the boat so good placement as well.

  15. Strongsad52

    I'm booked for the July 11-14 2.75 day trip. Haven't been on the boat either. I don't have much stuff so that shouldn't be a problem. Look forward to fishing her.
  16. HotFlash

    Thanks everyone. great info and pictures.
    Don't look like i will get lucky and get a top spot for my SKB box. Bummer.
    can't wait for Aug to get here are get back out fishing. Look forward to meeting you J-hook

  17. timbercrete

    Hey Chris.

    We are booked on that trip also. It will be me and the woman. She wanted to give a short trip a try so we'll see how it goes.

    See ya then

  18. CMY SIX

    I put 50% Jan 07 12 for a Nov 10 12 trip and I know I will got a spot just like I booked the day before the trip, my cabin is right next to the engine room, I never believed them when they say" you get your spot in order of booking" I even ask the guys who have the best spots and it always seems they booked a month before the trip.
  19. Fishybuzz

    So what are you saying....???

    That some people get preferred treatment........
  20. titan05

    If you really believe that then why do you continue to fish that boat?