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Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by Quick Luck, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Quick Luck

    Arrived in Edmonton last night... We just got into West Alberta today. Relaxing and having a Jack and coke, policing the gear and getting ready to greet some Honkers in the morning. I will send a play by play with pictures for the next 6 days. The bonus is that there are ducks everywhere and we should get some great field hunting on both Mallards & Canadas.

    Talk with you all tomorrow early afternoon! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  2. Fresh One

    I'm jealous. Post pics.
  3. Quick Luck

    Hey Brent,

    I just returned from dinner with a grin. Earlier this afternoon we scouted a barley field about 10 minutes away that had no less than a thousand birds on it. Bonus was that there was a duck pond about 250 yards from where the birds were feeding. Called the farmer and he said "have fun". Should be an epic to follow!
  4. Sluester

    Dam! :urno1:
    Have a good shoot.

    Fuck ya good luck dump some shell's and brake some neck's
  6. Quick Luck

    Wow...had a grand time this morning. We shot 24 Honkers and 2 mallards by 7:30 am this morning. I have attached some pictures and I am now trying to figure out how to compress some video to send out. Will respond a little later.

    P1000180.JPG P1000181.JPG P1000182.JPG P1000719.JPG P1000720.JPG P1000724.JPG P1000728.JPG
  7. duckdog

    Looks like your slammin em. Kill em all!
  8. Huntndogs

    Nice John...
  9. Fresh One

    Nice birds. Are those biggun's or lessers? Its been a while since I was there but I don't recall all our lessers we shot being that big.

    Damn, I gotta go back there. Are you freelancing?
  10. Pez Vela

    John, save some for Fred!
  11. Quick Luck

    It has been a long day guys. Free-lance hunting is rewarding but much work is expected. We finished scouting for tomorrow mornings shoot (more barley) and after dinner its time to rest. We found a pea field that we are holding as back up as well.

    Mike, Mike, Robert & Matt, thanks for the encouragement and kind words! Brent, it has been about a 50/50 mix on the greater lesser mix. Both are dandy for me. The birds have been decoying fine...first day though. We have a pretty good field lined up for tomorrow that should shoot well but will not be as intense as today. Excellent by any standards though. We looked at today’s field (again, this evening) and we will most likely shoot it again on Wednesday or Thursday... It is a barley field.

    Chris...nice to see you lurking the unknown reaches of sportsmanship. There is plenty left for Fred. He needs to explore beyond his backyard though. Reward is reaped only to those who are willing to endure risk and compromise valuable time. Fun and success is a compromise as well as a commitment.

    There are 22 birds in the picture (plus a couple of malturds)...we had 2 birds to retrieve out beyond the decoys prior to the pictures... retrieved/success).

    I am ignorant as far as getting the 30 second video bursts compressed. Any help would be great; we shot some great stuff and will have some great video through the week.

    I will leave a daily account/diary of this week’s hunts if you guys think you will enjoy it.

    A few more pictures…I will repost mid morning tomorrow. Good night!

    P1000157.JPG P1000158.JPG P1000159.JPG P1000184.JPG P1000185.JPG
  12. Jerky

    It looks like a bad hunting trip from the looks of those pics. You better get back on a plane to San Diego and never go back.LOL
  13. Vermonster

    Nice! Looks like a blast!!!! :cheers:
  14. Bullring

    Looks awsome!! and i sit looking forward to more posts as well as the vid.... keep us posted...
  15. Quick Luck

    We had another fun morning this morning. We hunted a pea field and managed 20 geese between the three of us. Not as hot and heavy as yesterday but good none the less. The birds came by in small groups so we were able to increase our spent shell to kill ratio.

    We are going to scout further North tonight where we know there are geese and a lot of ducks. The weather has turned from shirt sleeve yesterday to just above freezing today. The wind has picked up considerably as well. This should work to our advantage. We had no wind this morning.

    I still have not figured out how to compress the video. I am all ears if anyone can help or has a program to use or download. Some of the video is pretty cool. We made so really close shots that had some terrific aftermath in mid air.

    I will try and get more pictures posted later today or tonight. It is shower; Jack & Coke then knap time.:beerbang:

    Tues.JPG tuesd.JPG tuesday.JPG
  16. Bullring

    Again with the GREAT PICS...Keep em coming you guys are having an epic hunt.......Hunts
  17. BluefinCurly

    Awesome! Hope it bodes well for the next territory to the east.
  18. Fresh One

    For video, I just use the Windows Movie Maker. I plug my video camera into my PC using a "firewire" and its pretty easy to transfer from there on out. If you have a laptop with you and a firewire, you should be in business. Plug the camera into the laptop/PC via the firewire and open Windows Movie Maker. The rest is fairly self explanatory.
  19. Ali Admin

    Wow. Awesome pics!

    Nice job thinning out the population.
  20. Quick Luck

    Brent, I have the video bursts on my pc but the files are to big to post on BloodyDecks. Can I send them to you via e-mail and have you post them?