In Canada as I type!

Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by Quick Luck, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Quick Luck

    Arrived in Edmonton last night... We just got into West Alberta today. Relaxing and having a Jack and coke, policing the gear and getting ready to greet some Honkers in the morning. I will send a play by play with pictures for the next 6 days. The bonus is that there are ducks everywhere and we should get some great field hunting on both Mallards & Canadas.

    Talk with you all tomorrow early afternoon! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  2. Fresh One

    I'm jealous. Post pics.
  3. Quick Luck

    Hey Brent,

    I just returned from dinner with a grin. Earlier this afternoon we scouted a barley field about 10 minutes away that had no less than a thousand birds on it. Bonus was that there was a duck pond about 250 yards from where the birds were feeding. Called the farmer and he said "have fun". Should be an epic to follow!
  4. Sluester

    Dam! :urno1:
    Have a good shoot.

    Fuck ya good luck dump some shell's and brake some neck's
  6. Quick Luck

    Wow...had a grand time this morning. We shot 24 Honkers and 2 mallards by 7:30 am this morning. I have attached some pictures and I am now trying to figure out how to compress some video to send out. Will respond a little later.
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000180.JPG
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000181.JPG
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000182.JPG
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000719.JPG
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000720.JPG
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000724.JPG
    • In Canada as I type!-P1000728.JPG
  7. duckdog

    Looks like your slammin em. Kill em all!
  8. Huntndogs

    Nice John...
  9. Fresh One

    Nice birds. Are those biggun's or lessers? Its been a while since I was there but I don't recall all our lessers we shot being that big.

    Damn, I gotta go back there. Are you freelancing?
  10. Pez Vela

    John, save some for Fred!

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