importing a boat to Mexico

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by windansea, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. windansea


    I live in PV, and just bought a used Donzi 23 ZF

    I am driving up to Texas to get boat and bring it down. I want to make sure I have all my paper work in order. I have 2 options:

    A get a 10 year temporary permit
    B pay 15% IVA tax and boat will be legalized in Mexico

    I will probably do option A, and will have the following items with me

    Title to boat, signed over to my name
    Title to trailer, signed over to my name
    A notarized bill of sale listing hull number, motor number and trailer number

    US passport & CA drivers license
    credit cards

    I don't have registration for boat and trailer, but I have read Aduana website and it appears you either need the titles, or the registration and letter from leinholder giving you permission to take boat into Mexico.
    But I would like to hear from someone who has brought a boat down recently to be sure.

    Also, can I apply for the 10 year temp permit using my FM3? Or can you only do this with a tourist visa? (FMT)

    Thanks for any info....and a big Thank You to Senor Bullshipper for all his help!
  2. Robert Trapp

    David, I live in Nuevo Vallarta and towed a boat here three years ago. I had the pink slip ( legal title ) to both the boat and trailer as well as the current registration from CA. That is all they needed at the Nogales border. Once the boat was here I had Velma at the Paradise Village mall get me my five year import permit. I have an FM3.

    You might talk to "paper man" who has an office just down from immigration across from the cruise ship terminal or Velma at the Paradise Mall. Good luck.

    R Trapp
  3. windansea

    Thanks Robert, I live in Nuevo too....I have the titles but no registration, I am buying boat from a Marina in Virginia. The Aduana website uses the word "cualquiera" which means whichever or one of the following above where they talk about title or registration. I think you only need the registration if you are still paying off the boat or car, and with it you need a letter from the bank giving you permission to take it into Mexico
  4. Pounder

    go to BANJERCITO and apply for 10 year permit online . This site can make you pull your hair out of your head sometimes but be vigilant, it should work. You should register or document your boat though, the money saved by avoiding this is negligible and I can't think of any reason not to other than saving a couple of dollars. Having a documented boat in international waters could be the difference between losing your boat or not. Drew
  5. Bullshipper

    I am not sure I am understanding Drew correctly or not, but if you have the Mexican paperwork in order and your boat is in Mexico, you do not have to worry about paying yearly registration fees to a state in the USA. Been there, done that.

    And as you live permanently in PV, I can understand that getting a phony US residence is a complication for US registration.

    The mexican port captain or Dick Markie, the Nuevo marina Harbor master, are another source of local information for you too.
  6. Pounder

    If he is a US citizen then documenting the boat offers great protection. Last time I spoke to Vilma she wasn't doing imports anymore, that may have changed. Maybe since it's a 23 it's not worth the couple hundred bucks a year , but a US documented boat is very difficult to impound for any # of reasons. If you're worried about property tax in the states be aware that documenting the boat won't affect that, in California, for instance, you won't be subjected to any if the boat is in the state for less than 25 engine hours for maintenance or refit.
  7. Bullshipper


    I think there may be a misunderstanding. Iasked Dave to start this thread to check one detail.

    This boat and trailer has a Virgina Endorsed Title showing it is free and Clear in the new owners name.
    He also has a notarized bill of sale with serail numbers, length, weight, width, model, year, etc. for the boat, trailer, and motor.

    Are you saying that a California (or other state) registration is required to get the 10 year import permit at the border? This is the question.

  8. Pounder

    If that is the only question then no he won't need a valid reg, a title to both will do
  9. size matters

    great boat, congrats.
  10. windansea

    Thanks for all the help guys, I can't wait to get this boat down here!

    Drove down in April. The biggest problem, I have used my boat only once.

    Get all the paperwork and a smile at the border. It will take a half an hour at the border but its easy.

    After the border the highway is a piece of cake, a lot easier than anticipated.

    Just get used the semis in the suicide lane and you'll be fine.