Imperial Valley catfishing

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by chevydeuce, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. chevydeuce

    Friday, Aug 24, 6PM - Hit up Sunbeam Lake for some bite sized bluegill. Between three of us, we acquired about 2 dozen in 40 minutes or so.

    Headed straight for Drop 1 on the All American Canal. After trying our usual deep diver Rapala's and Rattletraps for no luck on the stripers, we settled in soaking live bluegill and waiting....finally she bit and this was the result. 33lbs and released to be caught again someday hopefully....

  2. sdfish13

    Way cool. Sweet job on the C&R
  3. @-EZ

    Nice fish. How heavy/light was your line?
  4. chevydeuce

    I was using 25lb fluoro....with a 2oz sliding sinker about 24" above a #2 Lazer live bait hook...with the 'gill hooked through its back, right in front of the dorsal fin (bluegill have dorsal fins? anyways, the fin on it's back lol)
  5. @-EZ

    Thank you.
  6. furniture 4 me

    that is some fun down there, good work on that beast.
  7. Carl

  8. chevydeuce

    BTW, it IS LEGAL to use bluegill as bait in the Colorado River District...near as I can tell, it's the ONLY place it's legal in the State...

    4.15. Bait Fish Use in the Colorado River District.

    Except as provided below, live or dead fin fish shall not be used or possessed for use as bait in the Colorado River District:
    • (a) Live or dead golden shiner, fathead minnow, red shiner, mosquitofish, longjaw mudsucker, threadfin shad, goldfish, sunfish, molly, and dead carp may be used in all Colorado River District waters.
    • (b) Live carp may be used only at the location where taken.
    • (c) Tilapia may be used in the Salton Sea, and may be taken for bait only within the area bounded by Highway 111 on the north and east and Highway 86 on the west and south (except as in subsection (d) below.
    • (d) Tilapia may be taken and used for bait in the Colorado River and its associated backwaters only within the area bounded by Palo Verde Diversion Dam south to the Morelos Dam
    Bluegill are considered "sunfish" in the DFG book....
  9. brianw

    Way cool. I'm heading out there Friday to fish the Highline and All American. Is it legal to fish with Bluegill on the highline also? I've never received a straight answer from DFG when I talked to them about it. I would like to know for sure so I don't get fined. Killer fish. Hopefully I will have a picture like that to post on Friday.
  10. chevydeuce

    I just go by what the regulations say (see upthread)....some people say you can only use them in the body of water in which they were caught...but the reg doesn't say that, except about using carp for bait, which it specifically calls out. If it specifies that about carp, it would specify it about the other fish as well. Also, there are a couple of stores down here that sell live goldfish and shiners for bait and have the DFG permits to do so. If they can sell bait that comes from suppliers in the Sierra Nevada's, I have a hard time understanding why one couldn't use bait caught in local waters. And finally, being as how every single drop of water in the Imperial Valley comes from the Colorado River, I would argue that it's ALL the same body of water, just different branches....
  11. blb

    The Flathead fishery in the Imperial Valley is pretty much untapped.
    There are hundred and hundreds of big beautiful catfish holes that have never had a bait dropped in them.

    Here is one my 85 year old Dad pulled out of a drain not long ago.


  12. Captain Morgan

  13. lewisclan

    Nice flatty
  14. pura vida

    Nice fish, and Thank you for releasing her
  15. Aggro

    Looks like they changed it in 2010. Stupid reg to begin with as sunnies make great bait for just about anything. Some bodies of water have so many they are stunted.
  16. gonefshng

    great job, thanks!
  17. Werfless

    I definitely prefer using carp, either live, strip or chunk.. big fish can be had out there on a 12 inch live carp..