I'm New to thresher shark fishing. Tips anyone?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by leadboat, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. leadboat

    I'm new to shark fishing. I have a boat in san diego bay. Where is the closest place to go? Whats the best way to get them ( troll or chum)? Also anything else that might help me get one
  2. JiGGZ

    Do NOT Lip grip them.

    Ask Brad he gets them....I am sure you will get good info. BDers get many.
  3. MikeyLikesIt

    Got any Bait-O-Matics? Got a flying gaff or 2? Got any good, experienced boat ho's?

    I do. PM me.

    Mots taught me the basics.......Im gettin one this year!

    ........of course, an OPAH would be nice too........ :rolleyes:

    edit: Oh, to answer your questions.....you would typically troll for T's; rapalas, BOM's tipped with a live mackie on downriggers........

    work the edges of canyons or wherever you meter bait balls......lots of slow trolling......
  4. KC Kevin

    Here's a tip, and one you can use for other fishing techniques as well:

    Use the search tool up at the top and try different keywords. There are great threads on this board about sharking. Go find them.
  5. leadboat

    Thanks for the help. I went out today and got some bait o matics. The guy I bought them from said they sucked the way they came and told me to rerigg it with heaver cable and to replace the inside hook with a large treble hook.
  6. ?? fisherman

    A treble is totally unnesesary!

    Rerig it - yes

    Treble - NO

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  7. Az.monkey

    Where did you get them at ? re-rig with a treble LOL
  8. SS Tippy Canoe

    dropper loop and anchoives are the way to go, trolling for them just scares them away
  9. Double Z

    I've seen posts where the rear hook was a treble. What this is for is to tail snag the fish. If you re-rig with two single hooks, you still risk a tail snag but increase your odds of a mouth hook. The difference in fight is impressive. I'm considering running the rear hook or even both as a circle with no offset. If you have a good ho, try and have them watch the spread. When you see your setup get whacked, stop the boat and wait. 10-15 minutes sounds like a long time to me but I only had to wait a few seconds.

    Added later:

    When I re-rig my BOM's I typically use heavier multi-strand wire and have 15' or so between the swivel and the bait. Remember, even a 200lb fish is about 12' long and that tail will cost you a lure when it hits the mono/flouro. I do not re-use the original BOM wire for anything other than bait rigs for light tackle sight fishing. I had one BOM that had frayed wire right out of the package.
  10. Matrix

    I would definitely re-rig your BOM. Last season we lost a very large T when the factory rigged BOM failed. Their crimping technique leaves a lot to be desired.
  11. aclemieux

    If at all possible, find someone to ride your boat and show you the ropes. Sharkin' is really no joke, especially mako fishing. There's lots of little things that would be best not left to trial & error, that would be better learned the easy way, not the hard way...you get what I'm saying. JMO.
  12. MikeyLikesIt

    I just doesnt take long for the Yahoos to come crawling out of the woodwork these days, huh?
  13. Lamna

    If you use an appropriate windon/topshot leader... you dont need a long ass wire leader. lol Dont make it hard on yourself.
  14. Weazel

    Yo Mikey, this is my buddy and he's not talking shit. He hooked one last weekend bottomfishing on straight 60lb. Crazy by-catch. and yeah, he's definetly a crazy yahoo!
  15. dodoman

    i was out in los alamito bay, behind the longbeach wall, i dropperlooped a piece of squid, in about 5 minute i was on a thresser, that has to be incidental, it was a nice 60lb, i released it afterwards.
  16. 1bigfisch

    ABSOLUTLEY RE-RIG!! I don't use a treble, but plenty of others do. Also, when you re-rig, delete the small bead they have insterted just above the hook/ below the lure head. Look at the underside of the lure head, you will see a cross hatch reveal. Uh,,, a carved out area in the shape of a +. This is designed to hold the hook eye and keep your bait from spinning. Deleting the bead will allow you to use this feature. However, make sure to put a Flemish loop at the hook, and double crimp the tg end, leaving about 1 inch between the crimps.

    or just go to Ralphs and get a couple of steaks..LOL

    Good luck