Ice Fishing!!!!!

Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by Anglette, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. Anglette

    Friday afternoon I was contacted by my friend Tracy, you know th on who whooped Shelly's ass at fishing, in Florida (sorry, my sexy lil bitch) :) ...well, anyway, he asked if I wanted to go fishing, Saturday, with he and his friends , I said HELL YEAH!!!!!

    We traveled up to Long Lake, 40 miles north of Palmer just south of the Matanuska Glacier.

    We arrived aroun 3 pm, The wind was blowing a lil bit, it was chilly, the sky was overcast, until the early evening.

    Tracy and his friend Bart starting drilling holes in the ice

    After a while we all started getting Dolly Vardens, Tracy has more pictures to add later.

    Here is Tracy and Bart sitting waiting for the fish to jump out of the hole.

    As you can see WE DROVE ONTO THE ICE!!!!!!

    After a while, Tracy was wondering why he was getting bit, so he thought he would have a heart to heart talk with these fish, down there


    Everyone thought that was a good idea too...


    Well, it worked....

    Bart got himself a 5 lb Bourbot (spelling)


    The area surrounding the lake was amazing

    it started getting dark, so we decided to build a fire next the fishing holes


    and it was cold!!!!!


    so I was all bundled up... (notice the jacket)


    Here is Tracy, trying to be coy....
    in his stupid hat

    Total fish count..
    Dolly Vardens.... LIMITS
    Bourbots.......... 6

    Tracy will add more to this

  2. SC Johnny

    Great report and pics. Damn it looks cold up there.
  3. TheShark

    This was a great fun post!!!

    Good job out there Terri!!!

    I am glad you showed the boy up!
  4. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Good jod on the trout Terri, Brings back memories of when I was up there, Except I didnt have a cool gas powered auger, Had to use an axe, Oh and I also had to walk there in snow up to my ass :nopity: :)

  5. Mot's Sr.

    Nice post and pictures Terrie, Thanks Dudette.

    Hey I got some of the Dolly's one time when I was in the Williams Lake area, Horsefly Lake, BC, there a fun and beautifull fish to catch.
  6. Captain Curt

    Way to get out there and do some fishing girl. Thanks for the report and pictures. It's so cool to have a bloodydecker up there to send reports down here. Keep up the good work.


    The boat Hanna........
  7. Orca

    Haven't seen a Dolly Varden in Years. Where's the fish pics? BTW, nice Frenchy hat.
  8. Annieo

    Good girl Anglette, you're a better woman than me. Now maybe...perhaps...if I had heated jammies on...
  9. alBACKore14

    ice fishing looks fun.great report. oh yeah how thick is that ice?

    anyone wanna buy a ice fishing rod for 20 bucks? i dontk now why the hell i bought it but i need money now lol PM me i will take some pics for you is
  10. ChuyDawg

    Way to go Terri...
    Reminds me of Grumpy Old Men...
    Where are all the Pics???
  11. Anglette

    it was about 3 1/2 feet thick

    Tracy will post them when he gets a chance
  12. TFowler

    Couldnt have did a better post Terri! I think yea summed it up all well (Well almost), it was so damn cold out there! Brrr.... The Ice was at least 3 1/2 feet thick.. While drilling the holes, the motor on the auger went down to the ice. Another 6 inches of ice and we woulda been fooked!

    Below are some fishin pics of the Artic Char and Burbot.. I fryed some of em up today, they are a mighty tasty fish.. small, but tasty!

    Notice I said Artic Char and Burbot.. One day Terri will learn her Alaskan fish LOL The smaller fish are Artic Char and the bigger ones are the burbot.

    Tracy Fowler

    Icefishing5.JPG Icefishing6.JPG Icefishing1.JPG Icefishing4.JPG
  13. ChuyDawg

    Sounds like you guys had fun...
    Fire and Ice how cool is that...
  14. TheShark

    Good post you two