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  1. Kelpbedhead

    Join us for a Surf Fishing Tournament Sunday June, 27

    We will be fishing at Imperial Beach. Fishing starts at 8:00 AM and finishes at 11:00AM

    This is a winner take all tournament.

    Grand Prize: BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!!! You will be named King of the Beach, and the best Surf Fisherman in the world!

    This is a great opportunity to meet and fish with some fellow Bloody Decker’s. All are welcome. There are no entry fees, and no prize money. Just a good time to be had by all.

    Where: Imperial Beach
    When: Sunday June, 27th
    Time: 8:00-11:00 AM


    1. Fishing starts promptly at 8:00 AM and ends at 11:00 AM, be at the north jetty/surf camp by 7:30 AM to sign in and go over the rules.

    2. Any kind of bait is allowed.

    3. Sharks, rays, and skates do not count. Bait fish such as smelt, mackerel, and sardines will be excluded.

    4. One rod per angler only. Backup rigs are allowed, but only one rod may be fished at a time.

    5. This is a catch and release tournament. Anglers are responsible for measuring and recording their own catch. All anglers must bring their own digital camera and tape measure. Fish must be measured with the tape laying flat on the ground and must clearly show the length of the fish accurately.

    6. Fish such as halibut and WSB which do not meet the minimum size requirement for a legal catch may not be included in the anglers total.

    7. There can be only one "King of the Surf". The angler with the greatest total length for three fish will be declared the winner. HOWEVER...any angler who catches a "Grand Slam" (BSP, corbina, halibut, and one other surf game fish such as yellowfin, spotfin, or white croaker, WSB etc.) will trump the longest aggregate anglers catch by virtue of superior angling skill and bait presentation, and thereby be declared the winner. Anglers must record their catch and report it to the "tournament official" at the end of fishing. An unofficial winner will be declared on the beach, and the results will become official when pics are posted and confirmed on Bloodydecks.

    8. In the event of a tie, there will be a "Sudden Death" fish off. The anglers involved in the tie will fish until one of them catches any fish allowed under the rules, and will be declared the winner when the fish is released.

    To sign up, just post to this link. More information will be added as it comes up.

    Hope to see you all there.

    • IB Surf Fishing Tournament. Sign up Here!-100_1035.jpg
    • IB Surf Fishing Tournament. Sign up Here!-100_1032.jpg
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  2. Kelpbedhead

    I'm In!!!!!
  3. wsbkiller

  4. Kelpbedhead

    That's a pig Kevin!


    Hey BTW What are the "rules" for this thing and how are we figuring out the winner. can you answer this mayor Kevin? lol or James?
  7. Kelpbedhead

    We will need to figure that out. Any suggestions?
  8. wsbkiller

    I'm thinking a C&R tournament, gentlemens rules. Bring your digital camera and a tape measure...total length of your best three fish. All game fish are eligible, sharks and rays are excluded.

    My two cents only...
  9. cksea

    biggest bean
    Biggest Perch
    Biggest other/butt
  10. Kelpbedhead

    I like it. How about this too. Best three fish, gotta get the picture with tape measure clearly in the photo and have it posted in the surf fishing fourm by 8:00 pm Monday.
    Winner will be decided by photo.

    I also like the different catigories.
    Perch, Beans and Butts.
    No Sharks, Skates or Rays. Unless I catch one. Then it counts. Lol.

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