IB Sandies

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by got bait?, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. got bait?

    Anyone know if the sandies are doing their thing above the border? Taking a colleague and his seven year old on Sunday and don't want to have to sport for two extra mexican permits, but want to make sure the little guy gets some good fishing in on his first trip.
  2. Smudge

  3. barracuda Killer

    most def. about 3-4 miles south of the point right now. all you want

    SANDBASS - the other white meat..........NOT!!!
  4. got bait?

    thanks. the past few times I looked in the counts i didn't see any. gonna kill chickens on saturday and then take the little guy for his first fishing adventure on sunday. a great weekend full of fishing. i can't wait.
  5. barracuda Killer

    me and smudge were out yesterday on a sport, and slayed the sandies. they were like fleas. stacked very thick. have a good time, take pics.
  6. Null&Void

    i was out last sa-TURD-ay at around 26/12. we destroyed the smelly little bastards, 98% on the rubber with a bit o' humbolt squid tippin to spice them up.

    the whole freeking fleet was on the north side of the border, we were just south of them away from the maroons. nice quality, easy pickins, and on the bass rod, a complete riot!
  7. Surfdoc

    It's Sand Castle week end in IB.... if ya come in to the kelp line it should be quite a sight on the beach...

    Think 100K+ people.... I spend the weekend protecting the house and keeping kooks from parking in my front yard...:FU:

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  8. poncherello

    When fishing 3-4 miles south of the point, are you guys on structure or you guys on the flats? Not really sure. Also what kind of plastics were you guys using? BTW, Smudge are you still housing the you know who's (wink wink). I heard Wally scared them away!
  9. Fins in the Bin

    Thanks for the info guys, I'm taking My 2 boys and 2 out of town kids out tomorrow, and that is exactly the kind of tip I wanted to get them hooked up on. A day of C&R and picture fish to take home to Texas. Hopefully it will be a stupid day, where they are bent the whole time and I don't have to tie knots the entire time.
  10. Kevin J. Oliver

    Good chance I could be out there with ya, what's your boat name ? I'm "yahoo boy" on 72...... fishin' with my five year old, I used to call him "Mr. Tangles", although "Mr. Caster" is probably more appropriate now ......

    Just confirmed with my bro that we'll be out there with the kids hopefully wacking some turds and slimers .... Yahoo Boy, on 72, good luck all and tight lines !!