I went fishing with Sneeke today

Discussion in 'Central California Fishing Reports' started by elliemay, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. elliemay

    We took Sneekee fishing today Sat. out to Channel islands on our Parker. We started out at Anacapa. Water was 60 so we searched the backside for yellow tails for nada, so off to the gap we went. At 140 ft we dropped our rock rigs, Sneekee and I caught 4 sand dabs and he caught 3 reds. Sneekee was using frozen suqid, and I was using a combo of red gulp and a dine. Well Sneekee was catching all the fish so I decided to go with with the squid too. And that was when I started catching my fish. We were having fun, when all of a sudden, Sneekee goes into full bendo! Line was peeling off and all Sneekee could do was wait for his chance to get the edge. He was very calm, but the look on his face was something I wish I had a pic of! We had lots of time to talk about wtf he had at the other end. Sneekee did not feel like it was a giant hali or a white sea bass. We discussed the possibilities of a yF tuna,or a marlin LOL! Bob brought up that it looked like a black sea bass, so we talked about our safe release plan. All this time Sneekee is holding on. Finally Sneekee got his chance and he reelled away, rod up, rod down. The fight was on. Then bye, bye, the hook pulled, damn! We really wanted to post a pic, and I should have taken a pic of Sneekee in full bendo, but I was too excited to grab the camera. Oh well, Sneekee got a good fight, and we didn't have to worry about the safe release. The water was deep and it would have been sketchy. I am sure the fish is fine cuz Sneekee was almost spooled and he hadn't gained much line by the time he lost it. Imagine catching a big fish like that on a small hooked rock rig! That thing pulled hard so it really was hooked good. The hook came back up clean so that is a good thing that that fish isn't swimming around with miles of line. After we composed ourselves, we decided to move on to Cruz. Sneekee is a very accomplished fisherman and hardly is able to get out on the ocean, so I wanted to let him do it all. We fished close to shore and Sneekee and I found the white fish fest. Sneekee will have to fill this in cuz I am not sure how many we caught. We were getting bit non stop and I think we caught 4 in 10 minutes. The love seemed to die and we were pressed for time so we moved on to the kekp beds since Sneekee asked me if there were any cuz he loves to fish them. Sneekee knows how to get them out without hitting the farm. We took him inside, outside and in between the kelp, but, the fish gods weren't smiling on us. We were running out of time cuz we told his mom we would be back at 4. Sneekee suggested we go back to the white fish fest so that was the plan. On our way Sneekee spoted tons of birds working, his day so off we went. There was nothing on the screen but I have never seen so many, so down went our lines. What ever was down there, wanted no part of us, so home we went. Sneekee did it all, 15', 30' 60' 80' 140', he threw iron, plastic, and used squid and dines for bait. We had a blast. All were released, cuz Sneekee doesn't believe in killing what he doesn't eat except the last white fish, which he wanted to take home to his dad to cook and practice his recipies for his cookbook. Crossings both ways were smooth and the water at the islands was glass.
    Sooooo my BD deckers Sneekee is real! He is a very polite, sweet, humble, fun, smart, classy, kid very mature, and a lot of fun to be around. I love this young man! By the way he is 15 so you may want to lighten up on him. I was the worst offender, no way did I think Sneekee was real. I thought he was some BD guy's way of entertaining us with this fake persona. I met his mom and his sister, ( Sneekee isn't old enough to drive yet) His mom is lovely and his little sister is such a cutie! I loved his mom, she and I had alot in common and could have talked for hours, but they had a long drive to their next stop Stockton. Sneekee's dad is a contractor and a fisherman, long range and hunts ( Sneeke correct me if I am wrong, we talked about so much in such a short amount of time!) Sneekee started hunting and fishing when he was 6. His grandpa is the hunter fisherman too. Sneekee's mom rides and showed alot in the Arabian horse circut. Sneekee's older brother is in the FFA and shows his very fancy prize bulls. Everything Sneekee says is true cuz we talked about alot of it while his mom was there. He does kill livestock for the ranchers, he obviously hunts, and he is a fantistic fishing buddy! The seal story is true as soon as the season starts, and this is natural for him coming from generations of fishing. His mom and I were joking about all those people who think seals are so cute. Sneekee comes from a very classy educated well off family. I didn't discuss the school thing, but I am assured that whatever he did to get suspended for he got in big trouble with his parients and believe me he will be back in school. This is just my personal feeling from meeting his family. Sneeke is no dumb hillbilly. He comes from a lovely family and he is a great kid. Maybe i needed to explain this cuz on the internet, people aren't always what they seem, either way. Ever talked to a hot chick on the web and she is a pig? Hell ya or on the phone even. Well, Sneekee doesn't share all the info, he just wants to talk about hunting, fishing, and his ideas, like his cookbook without sharing his personal life. Soooo Sneekee you are being exposed! LOL! As for his future no worries, he obvoiusly will have a carreer in hunting, fishing or both. Who knows? Maybe his cookbook will be a best seller. This young man has a world in front of him and the possibilities for him are endless. As you can tell he impressed me. So, Sneekee I loved meeting you and I hope and I know we will be fishing together next time you are down here. Bring your mom, dad, grandpa, sister, too! I might learn a thing or two or everything!
    Here are a few pics sorry I didn't include his beautiful family, and his classic face trying to be cool on the big bendo.
    Sneekee, be sure to fill in my blanks as I am so tired. Please thank your mom for the lovely gift. (She bought me the most amazing cookies as a thank you). And IM me cuz I really need to know the name of that bakery!
    Also thanks to Sneekee's family for trusting someone he met on the web, and I had my apprehentions about taking this stranger on the web fishing too. How did this happen? Sneekee and I got into it. He appologized and invited me fishing. I returned the offer,and he informed me he was going to be here in a week. We keeped in communication with our plans the whole time I was thinking no way, but I will call him on his bluff. Low and behold Sneekee calls me and we arrange for his mom to drop him off Sat morning. I wake up and still think nooooo way is Sneekee showing up, I am loading up the truck and up drives this Surban ( I think sneekee correct me if I'm wrong) with Oregon plates. I go running in the house and yell Sneekee is here! The rest is history.
    Sorry this is so long, and please overlook any typeos or gramitical errors. I am not proof reading this cuz I did last time and it got erased. I am not going to write all this again, but i promised Sneekee I would report our day to give him creditability. Her are our pics!

    jenn show, sneeke 007.jpg jenn show, sneeke 008.jpg
  2. ConSeaMate

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  3. elliemay

    I must put in a footnote here, no way do I nor Sneekee's family( and I think I can speak for them) think it's a good idea to invite strangers to go anywhere. Sneekee's mom drove him a long way to my house ( Thank you Linda),and the moment I met Sneekee and her, I knew this was OK. I think she felt the same way. I invited her in and we chatted, I showed her pics of my children etc. We both felt comfortable with the situation so off we went! This was a very controlled situation and done the right way.
  4. SNEEKEE is rad.
  5. Jaydog

    Pretty cool Julie.
  6. gunnyslinger

    The legend id real.............sounds like the two of you had a great day on the water!
  7. wils

    So now its "Sneekee, the Legend" instead of "the Legend of Sneekee"? LOL

    But seriously, its good to hear that you both got together and got out fishing. My guess is YT on Sneekees' successful "long distance" C&R. The yellows in that part of town have been busting off experienced anglers on 40#this week. ;)
  8. ChupacabraMB

    Very cool! I am amazed.....he's real and seems like a pretty cool guy. Is he in to college girls? From what I read....Crystal was interested in the "Mystery Man".
  9. Sushi Grade

    The man, the myth, the ledgend! SNEEKEE!
  10. Az.monkey

    Way cool of you Julie to take Robert on a trip and getting him bendo. I'm quite sure he's stoked and wil add to this when he gets back to Bend. Thanks for the fun report
  11. elliemay

    Could have been a yellow, a big one. Are they that deep? We were in 140" of water. I heard they were on the backside, we were in the gap. It didn't break off, the hook pulled. We weren't rigged for big fish. I think if Sneekee had a larger hook he would have landed the fish. Sneekee will give you his thoughts on what he felt on the other end. I was just the observer. He has caught lots of species of fish and he couldn't figure out what it could be.
  12. Mischief

    oh my God he is real!!! lol,..

    Great report, glad to have him on the site, hope i get the chance to fish with sneekee someday,..

  13. smokincan

    And all you guys were soooo mean to the dude.
    I knew he was a little Hemingway-in-training, (just needed 'Spell-check').
    Hey SNEEKEE, you're welcome on my boat anytime you're in the neighborhood. Just PM me, we'll go rip some lipzzz!
  14. tsurikichi

    Hi elliemay,

    Great report !! Thanks. A hint from an old hand: Write your report in Word first. Get it spell-checked and all that then ............ copy and paste into a new BD thread.

    again, nice report....

  15. Hithard

    You're liein'.

    And if you're not, thats awesome. The pics only go so far these days, but I'm a lot closer to believing the legend is real. Either way thanks for the report.
  16. TROB

    woah, woah, woah.......you mean to tell me he's real?

  17. cretin

  18. medunn16

    Brandon,,,,,,,,,,I'm still scraching my head!

    Well,thanks for the report.
  19. Dizzole

    I call bullshit w/ pics..........
  20. Bottom Line

    Yellows can (and do) run real deep - I've caught them in 360' on rockcod gear - it's a real battle with several of them on a gangion!