I Wanna Get Fishy...

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by makojoe2004, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. makojoe2004

    Any one going out durin the week or weekend I will buy your bait an put money in for gas. I live in san juan capistrano. I am Yo Ho Ono's nephew I am a very good fisherman . inshore or offshore doesnt matter just wanna fish. call my cell phone at 949 584 4446 my name is joey .
  2. Jason Admin

    How about catfishing?
  3. YO HO ONO

    Joey Cat fishes....................in fact he holds the lake record @ lake mission viejo Take Him out Jason he's a Good Guy
  4. Jason Admin

    Broken boat so can't take anyone out... Fucking Honda's.
  5. YO HO ONO

    That things fuckered up again? DAMN BOATS
  6. UnReel

    Yep, was going to give ya a call to fish today Joe but my damn alternator went out. We put on the replacement on yesterday and it was overcharging big time so I had to cancel todays trip. Getting the original rebuilt and hopefuly picked up today. If I get he boat going I'll drop you a line. Dieing to catch a marlin dodo or YFT.
  7. bertram31

    Hey Behdad, dont worry about those skunks they dont count when marlin fishing.:)

  8. UnReel

    That may be true Jack but I've been sucking ass at this marlin thing big time. Not giving up though. Still got some time left.
  9. UnReel

    Joe, planning on heading down south from MB or SI thursday night fishing friday for BET,YFT,Dodo's ,marlin. If you can make it send me a pm or call my cell 562-879-4388. So far I'm solo and I think Craig (Bluehunter)is going to trailer his boat down as well. Hope to hear from ya.