i need a replacement key

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by rexwang, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. rexwang

    long story short, i lost my boat keys and i need a set of replacements. i wasnt able to find a key code or number on the control box (ive attached pics).. its a 90 evinrude 88 spl with an OMC control.

    any idea where i can get a key?

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  2. bigbrownbuku

    there is a number on the switch, usually inside the box. take it to an omc dealer.
  3. vwlure

    sometimes there is a key number on the key switch....look where you put the key in. 2 digits.
  4. Fishbones

    Take the thing to the dealer,they have sample keys you can try.
  5. rexwang

    taking tit o an dealer is probably the easiest way to handle this... thanks!
  6. rexwang

    so i went to a dealerhip on my lunch break and they said they have a minimum labor rate (which is $90) then the part (the key) is like 5 bucks.

    so for them to touch it, its 90 bucks... to pull a key code? thats gay, and supposedly if they get the key ring out its still considered minimum labor rate? i hope the guy wasnt refering to testing keys on a key ring, labor... if thats the case they wont be in business very long.
  7. Fishbones

    Take it to a locksmith,they should be able to impression the key for you.Call another dealer to see if you can try there keys. If you were in San Diego I would say go see Randy at Sunset Marine. You may even try the Bloodydecks Business hookups to see if someone works at a boat dealer. What dealer did you go to?
  8. Alan

    local locksmith could probably make one or take apart and put a new module key in from pepboys or kragen for 15 bucks.
  9. bigbrownbuku

    that ignition doesnt require a key i think. i used to fashion the end of a hacksaw blade if the customer didnt leave the keys. it basically needs something that will turn the barrel. ive attached a picture i just used a bench grinder on the end of a hacksaw blade. it may have been for an earlier model, its been a while....

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  10. rexwang

    i just bought a new ignition switch. turns out my switch is aftermarket as well as not for the same year motor.

    ill consider this a $50 mistake.
  11. rmkfoto

    Go to any auto parts store and buy the $10 cylinder or take it to the locksmith