I need a Real Reel for Real Sharks

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Rumor, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Rumor

    I'm lookin for some info on a reel that can haul in some of those monster mako's that I see when im hunting paddies. I've had some slow days on the Blue that I believe I could have made memorable with some chum and a decent rig.

    Any affordable suggestions? Im lookin at a TLD30-2 Speed. What Ya Think?
  2. Double Z

    Low $$$ get an SLD.

    More $$$$, get a Avet, Shimano, or Penn.

    Bling Bling, get a Accurate.

    Go with a 30 or bigger, spool with 130 hollow or heavier, and whatever stick you feel like pulling 20-35lbs of drag on.

    Lighter rig would be more fun on the smaller sharks but would not work as well as a heavier one if you plan on releasing. Also, a lighter one could also be used in the tuna spread. Not that you couldn't drag feathers with a 50w rig but pulling on local tuna would be a joke.
  3. fish doctor

    go to the classified and buy the 30sw penn thats for sale now.
    its the reel of choice. for fish up to 400lb.
  4. Az.monkey

    a simple 4/0 or 6/0 penn single speed star drag will get the job done for a lot less than the shimano and if you need a 2 speed reel for the local sharks, go to the gym or the lake and play with trout :D

    I know I'll probably catch a grip of shit for that, but I still don't have any 2 speed reels in my arsenal and I don't see the need for them with the local stuff. Long range stuff or cows sure, but local stuff no. JMHO
  5. Double Z

    Karl makes a good point and I was just thinking the same thing. I just got back downstairs from retireing my Daiwa Sealine 600. The rod it was on now has a Avet 4/0 on it. The reel has been retired a few times but then I buy another stick and bring it back out.

    Anyway, I caught what I still consider the fish of my life on the thing. It was my first Thresher and was solo. It was only 166lbs but the Sealine with straight 60lb, an underwrap on the spool that went all the way to the core, and the stick was a $80 Sabre (Big5, Hall Show) roller stripper/tip. By the time I got the three other lines clear, half the spool was gone. It was a great time.

    Single speed, star drag, straight mono, no problem. I bought the reel new probably 25 years ago for $50.

    Yes, all three other lines were 2speed, leverdrag, 2 all roller custom Calstars, 1 roller stripper/tip Daiwa.

    I think the thing cruised up, checked the gear, and picked the lightest rig.
  6. Rumor

    Thanks for the quick replys.
    I'm lookin' Penn.
  7. fish doctor

    would you hunt deer with a 22. small reel big fish means more lost fish or worse a fish with 200 yds of mono suffering a slow death
    it can be done but is it in the best interest of the fishery. a 200 lb threasher is a small shark,
    when hunting these great predators bring your best and remember they are a limited resourse that must be hunted responsibly.
    a penn international is a reel you keep for a lifetime of great memories
  8. ChupacabraMB

    I use a Tiburon SST20/80 and love it. The automatic two speed is great and the drag can really be buttoned down. However, you aren't burdened with a huge heavy reel.
  9. skipjack

    Fully agree.
    Do you what to have a story of the big one that broke off?
    Use a bigger reel.
  10. cisurfer

    TLD? If you want a serious reel for serious fish dont get a graphite reel. Look for a tiagra 50, Penn 50, Avet 50, depending what your really looking to go after, I have a penn 70vs also, and they are the shit!
    If you want to fish 80# or heavier, forget the 30, get somethin bigger thats meant to fish heavy line
    Find a 50VSW on ebay or a 50WLRS
  11. cisurfer

    by the way, sorry to burst your bubble but that thresher is not a big fish by any means
  12. Double Z

    If you are talking to me, no bubble burst. "It was only 166lbs.."

    Like I said, it was my first, I was solo, and used the lightest rig in the spread. The next week we put two fish over 200 on the boat. Yes, still smaller fish but a good time. The third one was released (long distance release) and was mouth hooked. That was a great fight
  13. Mots

    Trini 14 packed w/spectra.
  14. Double Z

    60 hollow?:D
  15. hanapah

    Greg, I'm with you smaller is better.I now use a 12 T and Tiagra 16.
  16. Eye Problem

  17. Double Z

    I don't even have to click on that thread. That was an EPIC DAY!

    I am going to read it again though.

  18. Diamond Jim

    Monkey I have the utmost respect for your post, and I still think your Avatar is the best on the board,. But the remark about no one needs a two speed, I have to come up to the plate and say this, It's a fact we all get one day older each day. And as the days go by so do we. I have sold all my one speed but for three Penn30 and replaced with two speed. Just hope to be able to use them.
    Not to crank on you brother but just thought I would say hello. The very best to you and yours. D-J
  19. SMOKEY

    I call bullshit! Spectra would take the sport out of it( in your best Thurston Howell voice)
  20. Saluki

    Just hook it with whatever you got and call Mstone.