I Made It......

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Anglette, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. Anglette





  2. Mot's Sr.

    Right on Terri, glad you made it safe and sound, good luck on your future plans.

    Keep us posted
  3. Jason Admin

    Bitchen pics. How close are you to Homer?
  4. Mot's Sr.

    Terri, forgot to say your post was really good reading and good pictures, I flew into Canada, at Abbotsford, landed and I really had to take a pee, I jumped out of the airplane and ran into a hanger, to the bathroom, when I came out the mounties had there heads up there asses and made a big deal about leaving the plane, shit I was the only person at the airport, they figured I was running drugs or firearms and really gave me some shit over it, I, the same as you, had the plane really loaded with supplies I was taking up to Williams Lake, absolutly fully packed to the ceiling, they made me unload everything in the plane, then proceeded to take the seats out and everything that could come off of the plane. I know what you went though, they can come across our boarder without much fanfare, but when you go across theres, they make a big deal out of it.
  5. Anglette



    AND THANKS MOTTS SR, THE DEAM BASTARDS, BUT IF YOU GUYS COME TO HOMER OR mnhor pointm you canh stay here and party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Katana

    Best wishes, Teri...

    Keep warm & fish HARD....
    I'm thinkin' of fishin' Alaska next year. Wanna hook-up some barn-doors & giant Lings...

    Thanks for sharing your Alaskan experience. I dig the pics....
    Live life well up there...
  7. Anglette

    most of these are from my house.....and some were taken when i was in Homer, i even got an eagle in flight, that was awesome

    ALASKA HOUSE 1 017.jpg ALASKA HOUSE 1 019.jpg ALASKA HOUSE 1 025.jpg ALASKA HOUSE 1 027.jpg Alaska 2 078.jpg Alaska 2 081.jpg Alaska 2 082.jpg Alaska 2 084.jpg
  8. Mot's Sr.

    Nice pic's Terri, keep taking them and posting, I really enjoy them, wish I was there enjoying it with you.
  9. Anglette

    Mot's Sr,

    you would not believe the people here, everyone waves to everyone, not one rude person i have i ran into, the town is small that i live in, and i like i that way.

    I went to the local tackle shop a few days ago, and the guy in there told me he is gonna teach me how to fish for silvers and trout in the river just a mile from my house, i can't wait....it has been raining here for the last few days, but the weather prediction is sun for the next few days, so hopefully the river flow will slow down, and the water level will go down enough to fish the river, gthe last picture i posted was of a guy on the river, i was on the bridge, he brough in a 18 lb silver, it was awesome, they use alot of fly fishing rods in the river, but the tackle shop guy said that my gear will be just fine for it...

    I will post more pictures when i finally get to fish the river....

    miss you guys, oh and by the way, if you ever come to homer alaska, my friend kenny said he will give any of you bloody deckers, a discount to stay at his lodge,
    Bear Essentials

    just let him know you are a bloody decks member

    i hope to share more photos soon,

  10. Saluki

    Very cool!!

    Please keep the reports coming, I've been to fly in lakes in the Northwest Territories and I'ts truly amazing up there.

    Thanks again.
  11. Neill

    I'd like to looks at your pics but the link takes me to a login page.....
  12. Anglette

    it should work, it worked for me, and others, hmmmm, give it time to load, maybe.....i am gonna update that site for my pictures, when i get more....

  13. ZZZZZ

    Hey Terri, Iam stoked you made it up safe and sound and are doing well. Very nice pics and the drive looks awesome.

    Take care up there and good luck. Seeyah on the rebound.