I have been Inspired project Skippy

Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by tuna helper, May 17, 2007.

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  1. tuna helper

    :imdumb: well, I have been inspired by so many great post, or several beers , I finally did it I picked up a '74 Skipjack 24FB I hope to follow in the foots steps of my Skipjack for fathers and make them proud....okay now what, lets here the ideas or send pics :boobies: ....
  2. tuna helper

    :imdumb: sorry here are the pics...

    skip241_Small.JPG skip242_Small.JPG skip244_Small.JPG skip246_Small.JPG skip247_Small.JPG skip248_Small.JPG skip249_Small.JPG
  3. speedgoat

    Congratulations. Good luck with her.
  4. MacAttack

    :urno1: One Word: POTENTIAL!

    Damn, that’s one beautiful old girl. Good luck on this project and that’s going to end up one fine fish-killer when you’re done!
  5. chazdaddy

    Looks like a good project boat. First thing I would do is get rid of that OMC outdrive. I had one on my '73 20 open. I had nothing but problems with it, and I know I'm not alone in that. Otherwise, you will love it. Best riding boats I have been on for the money.

    Welcome to the family
  7. michael

    Tough to tell but that hull looks to be in good shape.
    Yeah, she's got a lot of potential. Look up the post Capt Curt did with Hanna for more than a few ideas.
    Then go to Jiminoc's post on how to detail a boat.
    You should be ready to fish in no time :D.
  8. Weazel

    A couple of ideas...
    Get rid of the OMC drive package.
    Put padded combing rails on her.
    Put on a bimini or hardtop, really nice for getting out of the sun.
    Offshore or Pacific bait tank.
    Replace the gunnels with starboard or fiberglass encapsulated marine plywood. The second choice is a lot cheaper and looks really nice on my boat.
    Do yourself a favor and if the electrical looks iffy, run all new. Saves so many hours of headaches.
    Put in a high water alarm and new bilge pumps.
    And the list goes on and on...
    Welcome to the skippy family.
  9. Hirize

    If it has the original fuel tanks you should think about replacing them, ask Cap'tJim.

    Aloha, Pete
  10. Dirtguy

    I was also advised to not go with a "stringer drive OMC."

    Looks like a good start! I'm in AZ. as well so if you need help,I have a machine shop in my garage.

  11. Saluki

    We are here for you.
    Ask questions when you have them.
  12. monarch120

    WOW, thats nice.......may I ask the $$$ tag on her? That's exactly the type of project boat I am looking for
  13. skiffhunter

    There's an Armstrong Bracket on the classified board (not affilliated)- I'd go for that option. But what the f do I know abput it.
  14. bowback

    ditch the OMC for sure! take your time and do it right. nothing worse than being done with 1 part, wishing you'd done it a different way! that gets too expensive. my skippy had a pilot house conversion done a few years before i picked her up. i think you'll love the visibilty and comfort of the flybridge. they are such great riding boats!
  15. Dirtguy

    Absofuckinlutely! Take your time. I have a couple of hundred in stainless fasteners alone. And I redid the wiring in mine just so I could make sure it was sound. And you might want to look into chucking those cable trim tabs.

    Big project to get rid of the drive. Most other drives hav a smaller opening than the OMC, but are well worth the work. Lots of rebuilt drive out there. Mine took about a year to get it near water again. And definitely look into a fresh water cooling system for any conversion. Many EFI systems out now too. Almost cheaper than a new carb.

  16. SEA DOG

    Dont do it GET OUT NOW. IT never ends. Im still working on things. Best wishes It can be fun but it is like being married she will never let you rest. every minute is spent on making her look good. Good luck and deep pockets.
  17. Chris Gagnon

    I just bought a 24' Skipjack a 72. Needs work on the valves and some TLC excited to get it out on the water. How much $ if you dont mind me asking.
  18. Diamond Jim

    Welcome to the Skippy CLUB. One of the best boats on the pond. D-J
  19. 1bigfisch

    You are so SCREWED!!

    Now you'll never have any money, all you time off is gone to working on the boat or doing the now MANDATORY honey-do's ( gotta keep her happy ), You're back and knees will be shot, carpel tunnel syndrome from sanding, scraping. You wont sleep well at night thinking of all the things yet to do. You won't fish 'cause you're working on the boat. You might wreck your car while looking at that nice rig going the other way on the freeway. Eyes gone to pot from wiring in the dark.

    Yep, definitley screwed

    Welcome to the club. Glad to have you aboard. And a sincere congratulations on your new ride. She's a beaut, and gonna make a fine-ass fish killer.:chestram2
  20. jeepleo

    Welcome to the Skippy Nation