I hate being on injured reserve

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by Jan from Humbol, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. Jan from Humbol

    I had to have my right knee O scoped on Tuesday so I'm out of action for about 6-10 days.

    I was going to have it done later this winter but it totaly went out and I was on crutches so I didn't have an option but I hate it when I can't fish.

    Some of the local guys are killing Pacific 'butts up to 60# and the rockfish and lings are biting at the cape, salmon season should re-open on the 14 th and I hope to be there and here I sit.

    I can't do squat (Literally and figuratively) right now and it sucks. Grrrr!

    Just venting cause I'm bored, and it's only been two days too.
  2. byeye

    I hope your knee get's better and you are back on your feet fishing soon.
  3. Jan from Humbol

    So does my wife, she's already threatining to hitch up the boat and take me out...on a one way trip. lol