I Got the 1st Bluefin of 2012 on the Sea Adventure 80

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Danny, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Danny

    Hey Guys,
    We had a great time on our 3-day trip aboard the Sea Adventure 80, despite the terrible weather conditions heading south to San Martin Island this weekend. Winds were blowing at 25-30MPH and we had swells that exceeded 8FT at times … but we pulled it out yesterday! The “Three Amigos” Charter was a hit and we’ll be doing another one very soon!
    The highlight of the trip for me was scoring an 18lb Bluefin about 90 miles from Point Loma out to the NW of Punta Colonett. The Bluefin ate a "tuned" Cedar plug in very clean, DEEP Blue, 62 degree water

    (Full story to follow latter)

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  2. Trayscool

    very cool and looks like a killer time with the jellos
  3. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    THat's awesome! WTG
  4. I'M OFF

    Rock on Danny!:beerbang:

    Jim looks sleepy
  5. The Sea Hag

    Troll fish don't count do they...?


    Just jerkin' yer chain, Danny... Way to go!

    Hopefully we can meet up on one of these.... one of these days.... if the wind ever stops!!
  6. poorguy

    Congrat again Danny!!! And nice to meet you, Jim, Sergio in person.
  7. Saluki

    Nice job Danny.

    Was it glowing at night in the fish hold? :D
  8. Simon Bon Bowery

    Right on Danny,

    I'm glad you got the season started.

    And yes, Jim looks sleepy...
  9. Irishman818

    Good job Danny! I here the extra Cesium enhances the flavor!
  10. magnus927

    Great catch, and it was a lot of fun this weekend. You guys all made the trip fun and enjoyable during those long hours.

  11. Redwine Admin

  12. JXDUDE

    Is it just me, or does Danny look like Doug Reeds spittin image twin.....lol

    Congrats on the BFT!!!!
  13. Calico Killer

    That was a fun trip even though the weather didn't cooperate.
    Would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Thanks to everyone, sponsors, crew, passengers, and all.
  14. harryo

    Way to start the season, Danny! Good goin!

  15. the Goodlife

    WTG Danny! :appl: Awesome Job!... And You Got Front Page! :hali_olutta:
  16. Tunahead

    WAY TO GO DANNY, EVERYONE...good you pulled it out the last day! LOL
  17. buddaisis

    you are da man!!! congrats!
  18. 2MAYEtoes

  19. Jaggy

    Looks like a good season finally, I wonder how long it will take for the mex navy to screw it up!
  20. J.AkuHed