Hypalon an AFTCO unibutt

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by backlashjack, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. backlashjack

    I have a Melton Tackle Kona KN 80100 WO-UB Stand-Up Trolling Rod that has a (straight) aftco unibut.
    My East Cape / Cabo days are most likely behind me and I don't have a need for a trolling rod that comes out of the rod holder easily when hooked up. I would like to use this stick for LR. This is a great rod with quality components, however, the hard alloy bottom piece is not easy to grip.
    Anyone have any ideas on how I can get something "grippy" like hypalon or another material on this rod?
    Will some of that gnarly cold shrink wrap stick? Where can I get some (without buying a entire roll)?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Zombie

    I think hypalon (or EVA) would make the butt much too thick. You could certainly cover it with X-Wrap heat shrink. You can buy some online or get some from a local rod builder in your area. C & M is in San Dimas, not too far from you. They usually have it.
  3. Chasntuna

    You might be able to heat the unibutt and remove it, but be careful. Other option is to cork wrap the butt over the aluminum; most of my LR rods have a cork tape wrap butt and hypalon foregeip. Not too sure on the x-wrap, I've never used it but it should work.
  4. Bill W

    I would try some cold shrink. Not necessary to even glue it on, it will stay put... Add a 5 strand turks head close to the gimble, so the deck crew has a grip to pass it under the anchor line...
    Look on e-bay for some 3M-8427 at your needed legnth..
  5. ifish42na

    A tuna cord wrap will do the job simple, neat, and inexpensive. I've seen the crew on EXCEL do an incredible job wrapping unibutts for passengers.
  6. penn25

    I have purchased X-Wrap heat shrink on the bay. There are number of diameters available.
  7. titan05

    Hey Jackson,

    I use the Bill Casper method and that is to use thin cork tape spiraled up about 1/2 apart and then take some X grip and shrink it over the top. It gives you a really cool grip that you can sink you hands into. Most of the rods I have gotten from Willy are done this way.

    This works so well that I have modified my daughters field hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks this way and it is pretty trick.

    Check out the greenies in this link and look close....those are willy wraps

  8. wahoodad

    Jackson, I did the cold shrink deal on all my uni butt and bent butt rods, works fine, still goes in rocket launcher tubes too.