hunting close to home tis year

Discussion in 'Mammal Hunting Reports' started by stairman, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. stairman

    this may save some gas....a forkie small but legal(sorry bad pic but when you have to freeze for ten minutes and open the car door then get the camera out of it's case to get a picture with out spooking take what you can get) and a doe.
    this was a forty yard bow shot from the front door.

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  2. Vermonster

  3. dbar

    Hey dickhead those are the ones from my back hill, if anyone is shooting them it's me!!!!!!!
    I have them on trail cam on the back hill and know where they bed, ground blind material!!!!!
  4. Vermonster

    Can I set up a ground blind Jim????? ;)
  5. dbar

    Oh heck no, but they are only bedding down about 40 yards away from the target you just came and sighted your .06 in on.
  6. Vermonster

    Nice...... LOL

    Hey, I gotta do some plinking soon. Bought a .22 from a guy at work, need to make sure it shoots. I'll call you one of these weekends and swing by.
  7. dbar

    Any time!!!!!
  8. stairman

    we will see where they are september 1st!
  9. dbar

    In my yard!!!!!
  10. dbar

    Besides if you shoot one in your yard that treehugger Dana will cry bloody fucking murder!!!!
  11. stairman

    lol you got me can pick your friends ...not your neighbors

    the management has been begging me to violate dfg rules...that ain't gonna happen even if their fruit trees get stripped bare....but after september 1st i'll stroll out forty yards to the pepper tree and drink coffee in the morning for an hour and stick one.

    so glad I live in the hills.
  12. Carl

    Us too.....:D
    You might get me to go deer hunting with you after all. If we can sip coffee on your porch and zip one of those foul tasting (as opposed to ducks Nate) tickbags; I might be interested.:D
  13. stairman

  14. Carl

  15. ilovecalicos

    You guys are funny..............LOL

    ps...........You mean there's tree huggers in our local hills..............:slap:
  16. Vermonster

    Hey Jim, you just need to send those "friends" that had a problem with your facebook photo over to Doug's yard for opening weekend, have them scare the deer off.......and right into your yard.....LOL
  17. stairman

    or we could send you down to dbar house to hunt.....then we know the deer will be somewhere else.....sorry I just had to!
  18. Vermonster

    touche'........... ;)
  19. Carl

    Not necessarily. By Seans own posts, he acknowledged that deer could sense when they were under no threat and had begun approaching his truck when he arrived for his "armed nature walks"....:D
  20. dbar