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Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Bomber, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Bomber

    Does anyone know of a hunter safety course that I can get a friend into ASAP? I tried to confirm our hunting together on the Turkey opener and he informed me he still needs to take the course. This is a huge problem since he is the one with access to to land:zelfmoord. Any leads would be helpful. In the SD area. Thanks and good luck to everyone on the opener.
  2. Sluester

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  3. yot_fish

    Has he had a License in the past? or look at turners and maybe handgun ranges.
  4. newunamas

    Project 2000 in east county? I got mine there maybee 20-25 years ago so kinda old info, but the room was there last week
  5. lip_ripper

    Class will be from 8 AM to 6 PM on 03/28/2009..
    For registration, pleae e-mail me.

    and class fee would be $10 plus $ 10 misc per person.
    Please, be there on time with a pencil with you.

    Class will be held at the garage in my house.
    If you have a beach chair, can you bring it with you?

    1012 Oak Hill Drive
    Chula Vista, Ca 91915

    1) From 805 Fwy , get off at Telegraph Canyon Road East.
    2) Proceed east about five miles till you see East Lake Parkway.
    3) Make right at East Lake Parkway.
    4) Make a left at the very first traffic light(Greens Gate.)
    5) Make another left at the first(last) traffic light(Greens View)
    6) Drive up the hill to the top till you see the first four way
    7) Make a left at Golfcrest.
    8) Make another turn at Oak Hill Drive.
    9) Around 100 yard, my house is on your left hand side.

    I was going to do this weekend but need to go out of town ..No phone #
    Subject: hunter safety
    Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 16:24:36 -0800
    Try and e mail him
  6. lip_ripper

    Sorry for jumbled mess I was going to do this one but I have to go out of town.You have to e mail him and he will respond
  7. Bomber

    Thanks for the info. Got mine 25 years ago in central cal and appreciate the lead. I will forward the info to my friend. Thanks again....Jeff
  8. Steel Leader

    peter, so your class if comleted will provide the certificate to obtain the license?
  9. Jerky