Hung up on my Newell

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Lucky Dog, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. Lucky Dog

    I read on some earlier posts recommending the newell 332. I still have problems with the line catching between the spool and the casing. I use 25 lb. test and have tied the trick of building up the spool with finger nail polish. Any other advice. I switched to a Torium 20 to throw iron. Love the feel of it, but it definatly doesn't go as far as the Newell. Thanks, Bart
  2. Jason Admin

    Maybe try taking some line off the spool. Leave 1/4" of top spool. How heavy of line are you throwing? Usually I throw 30-40lb ande. Also don't be lazy with the thumb on retrieve!
  3. Fishslayer

    That's a common problem with the older Penns, but I hadn't ever heard of Newells doing that.

    Do you have the spool sideplay properly adjusted?

    With most Penns the problem goaes away when ya switch from 25# to 30# line.

  4. el Toro

    Wow my 332 never does that. I agree with Jason, maybe dont fill it up so much?
  5. Double Z

    Check the bearing adjustment. If the spool is one side or the other, the taper will make a larger gap. You might try new metal rings. You might also try a new spool. I hear you can go to King Bearing and get new bearings that will really let Newell's fly. Imagine ABEC 7's in there.
  6. Swazi

    What series is the reel? As was said before you should try centering the spool by adjusting the bearing cups. Typically the right side is all the way in but it has to be the correct cup and shims. There are also little plastic shims on each side. Play around with them and get that spool centered in the frame and you problems should be over.
    Jason is right though put 30 on the 332.
  7. Trevor

    What Jason said, that's a reel that should be fished with 30+ line. I have two of em and they worked fine right out of the box with 30,40, and 50. Maybe you should tweak the spool tentioner. The spool wont rotate as freely but it will lessen the gap between the spool and the sideplate.
  8. JTAP

    I use a P332 and 30LB, never had a problem. I use P-line original. I have a Penn Squidder that does that on P-line 20, I changed to Yozuri 20Lb it has a larger diameter than the P-line.
  9. PunkRockCPA

    It really depends on the reel. I have a friend who has a 440 that eats 50LB!! If it didn't get alined right at the factory, you get a problem. I suggest a quick trip to Newell for the reel with a note explaining the issue. If it is an older, aluminum reel, or if there is any part of the reel you don't want messed with, be sure to include that info. You never know when they will start replacing everything to get it to work.

    They will charge you for the service, but it's cheaper than the frustrations!!!
  10. dalurker

    for the headache and hassles of crashing and burning until you figure it out, IT AIN'T WORTH FUCKIN' WITH IT... send it back to Newell with a note. don't expect it back anytime soon though...
  11. Trevor

    I hate sending reels there. Takes like forever and when you get it back there's a new problem. I took my 322 there because it wasn't going in and out of gear got it back and now the bait clicker doesn't work.